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  2. Firefox Quantum Update

    Saw a TV commercial for it earlier. I'm liking it so far, seems a little more responsive. Yeah chc I noticed the same issue. It'd just eat ram even with just one tab open if left running.
  3. Last week
  4. D-Link Covr by Jonathan Kwan

    This looks exactly like a router+extender that's been around forever.
  5. 2017 iPhones (iPhone X, iPhone 8)

    Did you take one photo with a DSLR and one with your iPhone? if so those look remarkably similar in many ways.
  6. Thanks for the review!
  7. GAMDIAS Hermes M3 RGB by Aaron Lai

    Nice review - price is too high for something without Cherry switches and ****ty software.
  8. November 2017 Review Plans

    First time I heard of this company.
  9. Firefox Quantum Update

    They pretty much promoted the new version by dissing their old version.
  10. Crucial BX300 by Ben Joubert

    Another friction tab? No screws ftw.
  11. Yes it's about time we caught up with the rest of the world.
  12. TP-Link Deco M5 by Aaron Lai

    **** that's a lot of difference.
  13. D-Link Covr by Jonathan Kwan

    Nice shots! Interested to see how they all compare
  14. 2017 iPhones (iPhone X, iPhone 8)

    Oh is that what it is? Haha that seems weird, but I guess it's an iOS thing.
  15. 2017 iPhones (iPhone X, iPhone 8)

    Speaker/mic line? You mean the thing that indicates swipe to go home? Anyway I'm quite impressed by the phone. Face ID works flawlessly and it's really fast. The camera quality is amazing and the phone is a significant performance upgrade compared to my iPhone 6. Here's a shot next to my old 3G: Portrait mode is also great.
  16. Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 by Hai Wang

    Great review! Looks like they really liked the shell since 2011.
  17. GAMDIAS Hermes M3 RGB by Aaron Lai

    Woot new review It's sad their software keeps holding things back.
  18. November 2017 Review Plans

    Yep, it's an interesting new product
  19. Firefox Quantum Update

    Yep. I was just about to uninstall Firefox after they are having massive lag issues. It's not just the speed in loading pages -- memory usage would shoot up to 2GB+ and I couldn't even write a sentence in a box without lagging. I had to restart the program several times per day.
  20. Crucial BX300 by Ben Joubert

    Yep, doesn't look bad to me. Review should be released next week.
  21. Edifier S2000 Pro by Jonathan Kwan

    Maybe they just expect them to be used as monitors.
  22. Lol, I haven't used Paypal to send money to friends in a long time. Those service fees kills it.
  23. The review will be there soon! Now, the review is posted! http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cooler-master-mastermouse-mm520
  24. GAMDIAS Hermes M3 RGB by Aaron Lai

    Those are Kailh switches. Also, review is up! http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/gamdias-hermes-m3-rgb
  25. November 2017 Review Plans

    Woah action camera! Excited to see this review haha.
  26. Firefox Quantum Update

    Feels like another Chrome copy, but I have to say performance is actually quite good.
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