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  1. The Official Driving Test/Road Tests Tips Thread

    Never been to Didsbury so no idea. But just drive normally and study the rules of the book and you should be fine. In small towns, it's harder to make mistakes since a lot of it is based on your interaction with traffic.
  2. Yeah, I should have ordered the black ones. I didn't get it with TPMS sensors, since it was an extra $200. I can live with the warning light lol. Anyway the caps came in finally. Making replica rims look real
  3. SilverStone Precision PS14 by Hai Wang

    It's also been a long time since we've covered a Precision series case here at APH Networks.
  4. Corsair Gaming K68 by Jonathan Kwan

    It's definitely a good keyboard choice in my opinion.
  5. October 2017 Review Plans

    It's not Something arrived today. It might be something from GAMDIAS.
  6. SilverStone TS-11C by Aaron Lai

    It's installed in the ASUSTOR AS3202T for use with WiFi testing. I don't want to reformat the drive again.
  7. lol shoving a lot into one thread. Not a full blown review, but I'll just go through some of the new equipment I tried This is the first year with the 2017 Honda Pilot I got back in May. For winter tires, it's hard to find used 5x120 OEM Honda rims cheap, so I decided to buy some aftermarket alloys. I looked around, and Quebec retailer PMC Tire had the best deal. They also offer free shipping and free mounting using Hunter Road Force if you purchase a full set. I got some Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2. I previously had the DM-V1 on my other car, which lasted me a full 6 years with great performance. The DM-V2 seems to be the best around for the size, and for about $230 each, I think the price is reasonable. Initially, I ordered some cheap generic alloys, but they called me and said they did not match the load rating and suggested me to get some replicas instead. The RWC replicas are made to Honda spec with 5x120 bolt pattern, 64.1mm center bore, and +45 offset (stock is +55, but close enough). Hubcentric means I do not need to get centering rings and it is designed to accommodate OEM lugnuts. It was an extra $80 or so for the entire order, so naturally I said yes and gave it a try. The total order came out to be around $1700 with taxes and shipping. Shipping was quick via FedEx Ground. For the first part, I think PMC Tire did a great job at getting the order right and delivered on time. The wheels were packed well and arrived without damages. Everything was balanced right. My only complaint is the person on the phone spoke with a heavy French accent, but they're from Quebec, what do you expect, lol. Next, on the rims. Unfortunately, the eBay seller I got the Honda center caps from did not deliver on time, so I can't get the OEM look on these until next year. Anyway, some quick pics: Left: My Accord with OEM Civic Si rims and winter tires just like the last 4 years. Right: The Pilot with RWC rims. The rims are a perfect fit on the car, although I am not sure what they are replicating, since no OEM Honda rims have this design. I still think it has a bit of a knockoff feel, I think Honda caps may change that a bit though However, the aluminum seems to be quite a bit softer than OEM. The quality isn't bad, but definitely not OEM grade. I've only had a brief driving experience with the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2. We'll see how it performs with AWD in the snow, as this is the first year I've ever had AWD with winter tires. They are quite a bit softer than the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS, but so far noise seems to be quite in check. Bonus: Just tried out the Torin Black Jack 3 ton service jack. I got it for about $110 at Costco a few months ago. Holy crap it was heavy But that thing sure can lift. Some serious lifting power and definitely a quality unit overall. The price is unbeatable for anything of its grade. It also came with an SUV adapter to get the Pilot off the ground.
  8. SilverStone Precision PS14 by Hai Wang

    Woot another new case Nice shots!
  9. Fractal Design Meshify C by Aaron Lai

    Nice review I guess this is Fractal's most daring design lol.
  10. Corsair Gaming K68 by Jonathan Kwan

    Yeah hopefully they make the other variants. You definitely will not notice the waterproofing unless you start prying the caps out.
  11. Zoomer Wireless Promos

    Did it finally work over live chat, or did you have to call in? The plan is a killer deal in my opinion.
  12. October 2017 Review Plans

    I thought it was an issue when it was storage
  13. Thoughts on consumer mesh networks?

    We'll be covering all of them soon, so don't worry
  14. Creative Sound BlasterX Katana by Jonathan Kwan

    Thanks all Lol, it's an LG TV. I just didn't want to advertise, so I used Photoshop to edit it out. Content aware fill is amazing