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  1. Zoomer Wireless Promos

    Canada has some of the most expensive plans so this is really good then. $70.00 for 1GB? Crazy. https://www.rogers.com/consumer/wireless/smartphone-plans?ipn=1
  2. D-Link uses AC2600 so it may be the best. The design isn't as good as Linksys however.
  3. SteelSeries Sensei 310 by Aaron Lai

    No braided cord? That's too bad.
  4. TUNAI Drum by Ben Joubert

    Was this a Kickstarter project?
  5. SilverStone Precision PS14 by Hai Wang

    For $50 this is a really good case - nice build!
  6. They made the sticker bigger!
  7. Interesting how center caps make a difference. Usually its not about replica quality that's not as good but rather the casting method. Gravity cast is heavier and lower quality than low pressure cast.
  8. Corsair Gaming K68 by Jonathan Kwan

    Nice review - Corsair makes really great keyboards.
  9. Fractal Design Meshify C by Aaron Lai

    May not look like a fridge but it could pass as an air conditioner.
  10. Corsair Gaming K68 by Jonathan Kwan

    That is a nice looking keyboard.
  11. After all there is so many ways you can make a backup software.
  12. Zoomer Wireless Promos

    Did you threaten to leave after 6 months?
  13. October 2017 Review Plans

    Looks like all 3 mesh WiFi is at APH!
  14. Lol equipment upgraded.