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  1. A New "Writer" Has Arrived

    Can't wait to see some of your Upcoming work!
  2. NCIX files for bankrupcy

    Didn't NCIX try to Expand their American operations a few Years ago to compete against Newegg? Their Site also looks like ****.
  3. December 2017 Review Plans

    This will be Interesting.
  4. 2017 iPhones (iPhone X, iPhone 8)

    Meanwhile America just started selling SIM-free Unlocked iphones.
  5. Cool feature but what if I was trying to Show my friend?
  6. Anyone been to Sears lately?

    They probably Increased the price 100% and Decreased it 50% for a "Sale".
  7. Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC by Aaron Lai

    Excellent Review. How does the ANC compare against Bose? (I know Bose has bad Rep here but their ANC isn't Bad, just Expensive for the Sound quality.)
  8. WRT3200ACM problems

    Isn't it Ironic DD-WRT works better than Manufacturer firmware?
  9. Toshiba OCZ TR200 480GB by Jonathan Kwan

    One word: Meh. Toshiba needs to Improve their Lineup. Wonder what they have after CES.
  10. The chc's scientific publications

    This Introduction needs work - needs cooler stories.
  11. Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC by Aaron Lai

    APH GOT SENN'S FOR REVIEW? I'm excited!
  12. 2017 iPhones (iPhone X, iPhone 8)

    Nice Phone - Thinking of picking one up Myself. Apple has won me over.
  13. 2018 Honda Accord

    The new Accord is really Nice - definitely class leading and it shows Honda cares about the Sedan. Anyone know what the N on the Dashboard does? I keep seeing it and it doesn't look like Branding.
  14. Edifier S2000 Pro by Jonathan Kwan

    Literally the most intense Offices setup I've seen.