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  1. Fractal Design Meshify C by Aaron Lai

    Haha thanks. You're right, but the Core 3300 looks fridge-like too XD.
  2. Corsair Gaming K68 by Jonathan Kwan

    Oooh interesting to see the waterproofing they have done. It's not the prettiest of things, but under the keycaps you probably do not notice it.
  3. Zoomer Wireless Promos

    Yep, 6 months past just this Friday, so I now have the same plan as the chc. No threats or negotiation required, they knew what I was talking about and upgrade was done quickly.
  4. October 2017 Review Plans

    WHOOO YU6! Excite LOL it is one of my favorite things to review. Besides keyboards and mice of course haha.
  5. Thoughts on consumer mesh networks?

    This is pretty much it. It's not meant for enthusiast users really, but more for ease-of-use. From what I understand, the TP-Link Deco uses AC1300 so yeah I would expect performance to be not as great as the Velop.
  6. Haha, it's too bad about the result, but great read chc
  7. SilverStone TS-11C by Aaron Lai

    Yep I agree. Thanks guys!
  8. Fractal Design Meshify C by Aaron Lai

    As TL said there is a bit of dust but it's not too bad. Anyways, review is up! http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/fractal-design-meshify-c
  9. SilverStone TS-11C by Aaron Lai

    Yep it's a USB-C connector on the docking station, but the included cable converts to USB Type-A at 3.1 Gen 2 standards. And review is also up! http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/silverstone-ts-11c
  10. Sony Xperia X

    He sure did.
  11. September 2017 Review Plans

    Haha yeah the last SSD we reviewed was a while back... I think maybe the Patriot Hellfire?