Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business to put more pressure on Slack

From The Verge: Microsoft Teams isn’t even a year old, but it’s about to replace Skype for Business. At Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida today, the software giant is revealing that it plans to kill off Skype for Business in favor of Microsoft Teams. Skype for Business took over from Lync, Microsoft’s previous business chat app, back in 2015. Microsoft’s original Teams launch made it look obvious that Skype for Business would eventually disappear, given the fact that Teams integrates most of Skype’s functionality already.

Confirmed: Radeon RX Vega won't get 4-way multi-GPU support in games

From PC World: On Thursday, AMD released Radeon Software 17.9.2, a driver that unlocks 2-way multi-GPU support in the company’s newly released Radeon RX Vega graphics cards. Great! But also weird. Previous Radeon generations supported up to 4-way CrossFire configurations. No more. In response to a PCWorld follow-up question, AMD confirmed that RX Vega will top out at 2-way configurations—at least in games.

Intel brings the cores with 8th gen Coffee Lake processors

From CNET: Gamers rejoice, Intel's latest desktop processors are around the corner -- and they're designed for you.

The company's eighth-generation desktop processors are for gamers, creators and overclockers, Intel said in a Sunday press release. The Intel Core i7-8700K is the pack's top dog, with the chipmaker calling the CPU its best gaming processor ever. Now you're playing with power.

Do you mine cryptocurrency?

In Win 101 Review (Page 1 of 4)

There are many rites of passage in many places around the world. It can be seen in some cultures, or even companies, where they have a sort of ceremony for people who accomplish something new. In Canada, we have a ceremony for the engineering students when they graduate, which they are reasonably secretive about. Rites of passage can take many different forms. When I went to high school in South Africa, there was an initiation process for all the new students, which was similar to a rite of passage -- almost a sort of challenge you need to go through to be part of the school. I found the entire process laughable. It was almost like, "Yeah, you need to go through all these uncomfortable challenges so that you will be proud of the school you are a part of now." All the different stuff we were put through was meant to make us uncomfortable to somehow build up the team within the house. The school had nine houses and every student was placed into a house, kind of like Harry Potter. Each house leader put students through different tasks. Should the school not have done something good for the students to make them proud of the school? The entire process was simply ridiculous in my opinion. APH Networks does not have a rite of passage. However, in the past year, there has been a type of product everyone on staff have reviewed except for me. That class of product is a computer chassis with a tempered glass window. I have not been able to get my hands on an elegant looking glass paneled computer case until today. Today, we have the In Win 101 computer case, which offers a sharp modern look and lots of cooling options. Read on to find out about everything else this case has to offer!

Seasonic FOCUS Plus 850 Gold 850W (Page 1 of 4) | Reports

As you may know, I have been working over the past year as a software developer in the healthcare industry. In addition to working on imaging software, I recently started work on developing the automated testing framework. The previous person who had been investigating it left our company abruptly, so we had to scramble to make sure the knowledge transfer would happen. By the time we got around to looking at the code base, there was a decent foundation of the framework, but there were also deficiencies and incomplete work. To give some background, this testing framework is keyword based. This means there are special words used to automatically take actions or verify the results of actions. While there are built in keywords as well as third party ones, we also have to implement our own to work with our client. This is where our deficiencies lie. Personally speaking, automated testing has forced me to grow as a programmer, as it requires a different way of thinking when coding these tests. However, I think the hardest part has been the fact we lack a clear goal or milestone. While it is obvious we want to expand our library of keywords while increasing test coverage, I do not feel like there is a clear next step. The lack of knowing at least a tangible next step makes me feel like our wheels are spinning. Today in our hands is the Seasonic FOCUS Plus 850 Gold 850W. When the lineup was announced, it was meant to be a Seasonic unit for the masses. With a clear goal of performance with affordability, the focus is there. However, does this unit actually deliver on its promises? Let us read on to find out!

Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT Review

If you are a motorsports fan like me, you probably have wondered how cool it could be to drive a race car to on the street. I remember a YouTube video about Lancer Evolution rally car serving as a taxi. It is just so cool to see or hear a race car, despite the fact it may not be legal to drive on public road, haha. However, while driving a race car for fun is one thing, on a daily basis, it is totally different. First of all, there is no air conditioning and audio equipment due to weight reduction measures. Secondly, the race car is slow in traffic due to the low torque output at lower range RPMs. Thirdly, everything is so heavy to use on a race car, since the whole car is mechanically reinforced. For example, a twin plate clutch is implemented to deal with the high horsepower. The twin plate clutch requires double the force you need to apply to a single plate clutch. The extra energy you have to spend on driving itself is probably the most significant drawback of driving a race car for daily use. However, all of these sacrifices are essential if you want to win a race. When you get to the competition level, being mushy or soft is the last thing you want, because you know you are going to push the car to the limit. I guess for some people, being hardcore is more important than saving energy. The same for using a keyboard, if you are really into those keyboards that require higher actuation force than any other things in the market, then the Cherry MX Green switches will be a nice choice. Today's review unit, the Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT keyboard, features the hardcore Cherry MX Green switches, and is also designed to deal with heavy and longtime use. Is it just a mechanical gaming keyboard for a hardcore gamer, or it can really balance both the gaming and productivity work? Let us read on and find out.

In China, VR Using HTC Vive Doesn't Need a PC Anymore

From PC Mag: Virtual reality headsets may be slowly dropping in price, but they aren't the only hardware you need to enjoy VR. There's also the small matter of a PC powerful enough to cope with the demands of whichever virtual world you wish to experience.

In China, the PC problem is being solved by removing it from the equation. As Engadget reports, HTC China announced a new partnership with Dalian Television and Beijing Cyber Cloud. What that allows is for the HTC Vive to be connected to a set top box and the VR experience streamed over the Internet.

Windows Store rebranded to Microsoft Store in Windows 10

From The Verge: Microsoft is rebranding its Windows Store to the Microsoft Store today. The software maker is rolling out a new Store update to Windows 10 testers on the Release Preview ring that includes the name and logo change. While the store won’t change much apart from by name, Windows 10 users will notice that the taskbar icon for the store now has a shopping bag and Microsoft’s company logo.

Uber loses license to operate in London

From CNET: Transport for London, the British capital's transport regulator, refused to renew Uber's private hire license on Friday.

Uber currently holds a license to operate in the city, but it will expire on Sept. 30. TfL holds private hire regulators to high standards in order to ensure passenger safety, and companies are not allowed to operate if not awarded a license.


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