Nintendo Switch Online App Launches

From PC Mag: Nintendo is taking its time rolling out a full online service for the Switch$299.99 at Amazon. What we have now is a free, but limited service, with the promise of the paid-subscription version appearing in 2018. There's also the Nintendo Switch Online App, which Nintendo quietly rolled out a few days early this week.

Samsung's Bixby voice app finally hits Galaxy S8 devices

From CNET: Hey Bixby, nice to finally talk to you.

Samsung on Tuesday officially launched voice capabilities for its Bixby smart sidekick in the US, about three months after the artificial intelligence technology first became available on its new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus phones. The company had delayed the launch and missed its own promised "later this spring" deadline, at least in the US.

Xbox One self-published indie games start appearing in the store

From The Verge: Microsoft unveiled its Xbox Live Creators Program earlier this year, designed to let indies self-publish games to the Xbox One Store. Xbox testers in the Alpha Ring are now starting to get access to a small selection of titles that are self-published in the Xbox marketplace. Windows Central reports that six indie games are available in a separate “Creators Collection” inside the store. Three titles are paid, and the others are free to download and install.

WhatsApp's messaging partially blocked in China

From CNET: According to the New York Times, Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app has been blocked by China's internet filters. Videos and photos have been affected the most, but some text messages will be blocked as well.

This isn't the first blockage WhatsApp has faced. It probably won't be the last either -- especially not in China, which is expanding its filtering and has cracked down on VPN services. It's probably happening because an increasing number of people are turning to the service for news.

WhatsApp declined to comment.

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8 for late August

From CNET: Get ready for the Galaxy Note 8 to come next month. Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh told reporters in Taiwan that it'll unveil the new Note phone at the end of August, as reported by Taiwanese outlet ePrice.

Koh stopped short of revealing the exact launch date and city, but rumors point to August 23 or August 26 in New York. Those fit into Koh's timeline.

Google publicly launches Hire, a job applicant management tool

From The Verge: Following its job hunting initiative announced back at Google I/O, the company today released a new tool to help small to mid-sized businesses recruit talent. Aptly called Hire, the service builds on G Suite and lets employers track candidates’ contact information, resume, calendar invites, and allow business partners to share feedback within the candidate’s profile. Hire can also port data over to Sheets to make candidate pipelines more glanceable.

Qualcomm loses appeal of EU's $669,000-a-day threat

From CNET: The US chipmaker lost an appeal of a $669,000-a-day penalty that could be imposed upon it by the European Commission, Reuters reported Monday.

The Commission has threatened Qualcomm with a daily fine amounting to 580,000 euros (about $669,000) for failing to submit information it requested. The EC has charged the company with employing unfair, monopolistic practices to beat its British rival, Icera.

Atari Reveals 2 Versions of the Ataribox

From The Verge: The success of the NES Classic and also the Raspberry Pi as a retro gaming board clearly made Atari sit up and take notice. The result is the Ataribox, which we still know very little about. However, this week Atari revealed a little bit more about the exterior of its forthcoming new hardware.

LinkedIn wants Windows 10 users to stay better connected

From CNET: LinkedIn wants to make its platform more convenient for its Windows 10 users.

The Microsoft-owned professional network on Monday launched a new app for users of the operating system. The goal: Let its millions of Windows users experience some of the same features found on LinkedIn's mobile app and desktop site. This includes receiving messages and invites from other members in real time.

HTC U11 Becomes an 'Alexa Phone'

From PC Mag: The HTC U11 smartphone joins the Alexa family today, with a software update that brings "always on" Alexa functionality to HTC's top device. I've been using it for a few days on an unlocked U11.

I'm putting "always on" in quotes because it's a bit buggy and doesn't work all the time. Sometimes, I say "Alexa" and the phone wakes up just like that; sometimes, I have to say it two or three times, and I haven't been able to figure out what makes it work sometimes and not others. "OK Google" is still more reliable.


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