MSI Unveils X-Slim Machines in China

From DailyTech: The netbook class is the fastest growing in the computer industry with Apple being the only major computer maker yet to jump into the market. The netbook offers consumers a low price computer that is capable of performing general computer work in a very compact design.

Adobe Flaw Has Been Used in Attacks Since Early January

From PC World: A dangerous and unpatched vulnerability in Adobe's PDF-reading software has been around a lot longer than previously realized.

$99 iPhone Emerges -- for Real

From PC World: You've heard about it, wished for it and now it's here for a limited time only: the almost-$99 iPhone! I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true, right? Not at all!

Mac OS X Snow Leopard screenshots leaked

From CNET A new set of leaked screenshots of Apple's upcoming Mac OS X release, Snow Leopard, appears to confirm that the most sweeping changes to the operating system won't be visible.

Microsoft backtracks on severance issue

From CNET Amid a wave of criticism, Microsoft is backtracking on a decision to require laid off workers to pay back money that the software maker said was in excess of its planned severance, CNET News has learned.

Lian Li Releases PC-V351 HTPC Chasis

Nvidia Still Interested in Via Technologies’ Processors

From X-bit Labs: Despite of claims regarding great interest in Intel Atom-based platforms, Nvidia Corp. is still interested to power netbooks based on central processing units designed by Via Technologies. Apparently, the company intends to unveil Via Nano-supporting core-logic and Ion platform in 2009.

Seagate sees datacenter power, SSDs as future priorities

From InfoWorld: Disk drive maker Seagate is working on solving the issue of power consumption in the datacenter, the company's CEO said in an interview with InfoWorld. While short on specific details, CEO Stephen Luczo said the company believes it has a competitive advantage with the issue. "There are architectural items that we’re working on there," Luczo said.

Windows 7 "Great For Games," But What About GFW Live?

From PC World: Let's level set. In terms of raw frames per second, games actually perform on par with Vista, so no, we're not talking a return to Windows XP days. But speaking toward general performance, from the time it takes the operating system to be functionally accessible after you've logged in, to the disk-crunching and memory-swapping processes that comprise that hugely relativistic metric we call "the enduser experience," it feels like another animal entirely.

Microsoft wants refund from some laid-off workers

From CNET Microsoft says it made an accounting error when it laid off some employees last month and now feels the best way to correct the error is with what will likely add up to a public relations blunder.


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