Will AMD be able to make its comeback with Phenom II?

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Unrated Nokia offers vision for services, applications

From InfoWorld: Seeking to bridge "the now to the next," Nokia has set its sights on Internet services, next-generation wireless technology, and mobile application development.

Apple releases iPhone 2.2 update

From CNET News.com: The 2.2 software update is available through iTunes, and it's packed with lots of goodies. Apple released its 2.1 software update in September.

Gmail Gets a Graphics Upgrade With New Themes

From DailyTech: After its search and advertising core businesses, one of Google's hottest products is its Gmail service. One of the most widely used free email services on the internet; Google is constantly at work improving the service. Typically upgrades target greater functionality, such as a recent upgrade that added voice and video chat to the Gmail portfolio.

Psystar Suffers Setback With Apple Antitrust Suit

From DailyTech: Clone maker Psystar launched with the intention of making OS X computers for several hundred dollars cheaper than Apple's own offerings. It seemed a win-win for both companies -- Psystar would be selling machines, and Apple would see increased software sales. Furthermore, Psystar's $399 machines targeted different market sectors than Apple's as they were aimed at the bargain market, while Apple's Mini line of desktops were aimed at those seeking a small form factor.

First-Generation Intel Core i7 Chips Will Never Become Mainstream – Slides

From X-bit Labs: Although Intel Corp.’s initial Core i7 lineup includes a central processing unit that sells below $300, the new microprocessor family may never become mainstream, at least, based on Intel’s plans. Apparently, the quad-core Core i7 will have a tiny share among Intel’s desktop shipments even in three quarters from now.

New Handsets Needed for Microsoft's Mobile IE6

From PC World: Microsoft faces a tough sell with its latest mobile browser, Internet Explorer 6, since consumers will need to buy more powerful handsets to run it.

Microsoft, which announced plans earlier this week to launch IE6 with market leader China Mobile, has made no secret of the more stringent requirements. It has indicated the software won't be available to download.

Toshiba sets high storage capacity for small drives

From InfoWorld: Toshiba Storage Division announced a breakthrough half-terabyte hard disk drive in a 2.5-inch form factor on Wednesday.

The mini-drive is targeted for inclusion in mobile devices by OEMs.

The high-capacity drives are expected to enhance the capabilities and thus the interest in the new class of sub- and mini-notebooks coming into the market.

Toshiba Model MKxx55GSX will most likely also be included in game consoles and printers.

Asus Computer plans to launch Apple iMac rival

From InfoWorld: Asustek Computer plans to launch an all-in-one PC built into a monitor designed to rival Apple's iMac on Thursday at a news conference in Taipei, according to a company e-mail.

The Eee Top , apparently the new name for what Asus once called the Eee Monitor, will sport a slender 15.9-inch touchscreen, use Microsoft Windows XP, and has an 1.6GHz Intel Atom microprocessor inside.


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