Global semi sales up 2.8% in July

From EETimes: Sales of semiconductors in Europe in July grew by 0.7 percent to reach $3.39 bn according to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization, up 3.3 percent on the corresponding period last year. On a year to date basis, sales increased by 1.6 percent against the same period last year.

Articles Roundup August 31, 2008

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Car computer: Good or bad idea?

Good! I have one.
10% (17 votes)
Nice idea, I want one.
53% (89 votes)
Nah, bad idea
37% (63 votes)
Total votes: 169

APH Networks Reviews: Tagan A+ Black Pearl WCR

AMD to Start Transition to New Platform Form-Factor in March, 2009

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices plans to start transition of its desktop processors to a new form-factor socket in the first quarter of 2009, which is considerably later than the schedule set originally. The new AM3 form-factor for central processing units (CPUs) will enable faster memory and some other improvements.

Atom supply still stymied by testing bottleneck

From InfoWorld: Demand for Intel's Atom processor is strong, with computer makers clamoring for more chips to plug into the small, portable laptops called netbooks, but the chips remain in short supply. The problem isn't that Intel can't make enough of the silicon chips -- the company can, and it is -- but availability remains stymied by a testing bottleneck that prevents the chip maker from meeting demand.

Toshiba's XDE DVD Players Won't Hurt Blu-ray Disc

From PC World: When Toshiba announced its new XDE DVD player promising it could convert the picture quality of standard DVDs up to the high definition, industry watchers took note.

The company has been a champion of video technologies for years and its own high definition disc standard, HD DVD (high definition DVD), had been beaten as the HD successor to DVDs earlier in the year by Sony's Blu-ray Disc standard.

NVIDIA will Enable SLI on Intel X58

From DailyTech: PC gamers who are fans of NVIDIA graphics cards in SLI mode have been unable to take advantage of Intel motherboards for the most part thanks to the lack of support for SLI. Getting multiple GPUs on an Intel chipset historically meant going with ATI.

LG unveils netbook PC with embedded 3G at IFA

From InfoWorld: LG Electronics will launch in October a netbook-class laptop PC based on Intel's Atom processor that also includes 3G wireless, it said Wednesday at the IFA show in Berlin.

Nvidia To Optimize Its Software For Via Nano Processors


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