AMD’s First 45nm Desktop Microprocessors Set to Arrive on the 8th of January, 2009

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices plans to announce its first desktop microprocessors produced using 45nm process technology on the 8th of January, 2009, the first day of Consumer Electronics Show. The code-named Deneb chips will not get truly high clock-speed boost, but will be able to offer substantially higher performance thanks to larger cache and architectural improvements.

Rumours About Abit’s Exiting from Mainboard Business Resurrect

From X-bit Labs: Abit, a legendary producer of mainboards for enthusiasts of performance and overclocking, may finally quit the market of motherboards by year end due to cut-throat competition and following a series of rumours about the company’s exit from the business.

Intel Demos Prototype in India of US$114 Atom Device

From PC World: Intel Thursday showed a prototype of a range of low-cost "nettops' that are to be introduced in the country over the next several months. The devices, will be offered in the country by domestic and multinational PC vendors and local system integrators.

Nvidia boosts graphics on Intel i7, preps integrated chip

From CNET Nvidia is extending its support for Intel's upcoming Core i7 processors while it prepares to announce next-generation integrated graphics silicon.

Samsung Aims Low with New SSD Line

From DailyTech: Samsung announced a new line of SSDs today that it is aiming at the low-cost PC market that needs low-density drives. The new Samsung SSDs are very compact and should work very well for netbook and ultra mobile systems. Samsung says the SSDs are 30% smaller than the typical SSD on the market today and use the SATA II interface.

NVISION 08: Antec's New Case, Peripherals

From Tom's Hardware: One of the more interesting cases to hit the market in some time, the Antec Skeleton (or Dragon Bones for those in Asia), takes the computer case in an interesting direction. Made for the hardware enthusiast who enjoys showing off what’s under the hood, the Skeleton is the open-faced sandwich of cases, exposing most of the major components while still offering fair protection.

Overclockers Aim For 6 GHz And Beyond At NVISION

AMD Quietly Starts to Sell Dual-Core Phenom Microprocessors.

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has quietly started to sell dual-core microprocessors featuring the latest K10 micro-architecture in Europe, at least, based on the results from a search engine. If the information is correct and AMD is shipping its Phenom X2 parts for revenue, then the chipmaker may attract additional attention to its microprocessor line among price-conscious buyers looking for modern tech.

Microsoft Office Live Small Biz suffers outage, lost e-mail

From InfoWorld: Microsoft loyalists could be forgiven for feeling a little smug after all of the publicity over outages and lost e-mails at online services run by archrivals Apple's MobileMe and Google's Gmail.

MacFamilyTree Update Includes Improved Chart Editing

From PC World: Genealogy application MacFamilyTree has been updated to version 5.2.5, improving on several of the features in the application.


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