No Financial Scandal Involved in AMD CEO's Resignation - Sources

From X-bit Labs: A number of recent big departures of high-ranking executives in the high-tech industry were either caused by some types of scandals or were followed by them closely. However, this is not the case with the resignation of Dirk Meyer, chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices. Based on comments from a number of industrial sources, the board of directors at AMD was not exactly happy with the company's performance, decisions and Mr. Meyer's vision of the future.

Intel and Nvidia Settle Legal Dispute, Intel to Pay Nvidia $1.5 Billion

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. on Monday announced that they entered into a new comprehensive long-term patent cross license agreement. For the future use of Nvidia's technology, Intel will pay NVIDIA an aggregate of $1.5 billion in licensing fees payable in five annual installments, beginning January 18, 2011.

Intel: Light Peak interconnect technology is ready

From InfoWorld: An Intel executive on Friday said that its Light Peak interconnect technology, designed to link PCs to devices like displays and external storage, is ready for implementation.

Apple to Scrap Restocking Fees? We Hope So

From PC World: Apple will scrap a 10 percent restocking fees for customers returning products to its retail stores, according to Internet reports. The policy, expected to take effect Tuesday January 11, coincides with an event from Verizon, when it is widely speculated that the Verizon iPhone will be launched.

Alt media player VLC cut from Apple App Store

From CNET Popular media player VLC has been pulled from Apple's App Store at the request of one of the program's original developers--in a move that's caused some hard feelings in the world of open-source software.

The situation involves a conflict between the General Public License, which governs VLC and many other open-source programs, and App Store policies.

Ballmer: Kinect support headed to PCs, in time

From CNET What do you do with a gadget that's sold 8 million units in 60 days? You make it work on a platform that's larger than the 50 million install base it's built to work with. That would be the reasoning behind bringing Kinect to PCs, which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did his best not to deny when talking to the BBC on top of the software giant's CES booth.

Report: Verizon to Offer Unlimited iPhone Plans

From DailyTech: The Wall Street Journal reports that, unlike AT&T, Verizon is confident that it will offer unlimited data for iPhones when it begins carrying the device later this month.

An unnamed source told WSJ that the nation's largest carrier believes it will have no trouble supporting unlimited data for iPhone users, and could use that as a way to lure customers from AT&T who are unhappy with data caps and network performance.

Sony Aspires to be Number 2 Tablet Manufacturer by 2012

From DailyTech:
After crowning Apple's iPad as the king of tablets, Sony is looking to snag the number two spot in tablet devices by 2012. Now they just need to make one.

Intel's Next-Generation Chip to Support DirectX 11

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. plans to integrate a DirectX 11-class graphics processing unit (GPU) into its next-generation code-named Ivy Bridge central processing unit (CPU). The move will allow the accelerated processing unit (APU) to compete head-to-head with Advanced Micro Devices' Fusion-series of chips that already have DirectX 11 support.

AMD Wants Triple-Cores to Continue - Company

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices' said that triple-core processors would continue to be a part of its offerings. While it is unclear how AMD could make a triple-core chip based on its Bulldozer micro-architecture, the comment may indicate that AMD will have triple-core K10.5-based chips for a long time after the introduction of Bulldozer.


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