Google releases Android 2.1 SDK after complaints

From CNET Google has released the software development kit for Android 2.1, the version of its mobile operating system that powers the Nexus One smartphone.

When the Nexus One was launched a week ago, developers complained that they had not been given the SDK, making it impossible for them to test their applications for compatibility with the new OS version. The handset is the first to use Android 2.1.

Code Posted Online Takes Advantage of Mac OS X Flaw

From DailyTech: Security is a big concern for many computer users. The concern for security is bigger than simply the need to protect personal information online; users are also concerned about the security of files and data stored on their local computers.

AMD to Give Notebooks a Boost With 5000 Series Mobility External GPUs

Long-Time DirectX Supporter Epic Games Joins Khronos Group

From X-bit Labs: Epic Games, a leading developer of graphics engines and popular Unreal-series video games, this week said that it had joined Khronos Group, an industry group that develops open standards for graphics. Although Epic has supported DirectX for about a decade now, it has been emphasizing importance of flexible software-based rendering and limitations of Direct3D rendering pipeline.

Microsoft asks for rehearing in Word case

From InfoWorld: Microsoft asked an appeals court for a rehearing in the patent case that requires the software giant to pay $290 million in damages and prevents it from selling the current version of Word starting on Monday.

The suit charged Microsoft with using a patent owned by i4i in a feature in Word 2003 and 2007 that lets people create custom XML documents.

Microsoft Will Patch Mac Word to Comply With Court Order

From PC World: Microsoft will patch Word on the Mac to comply with a federal court's ruling requiring it to remove custom XML technology from its popular word processing software, the company confirmed last week.

On Saturday, Microsoft issued an update for Word 2003 for Windows to abide by the same ruling.

Nexus One's hardware estimated to cost $175

From CNET Google's forthcoming Nexus One smartphone is composed of components worth about $175, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli.

The new phone, which Google unveiled Tuesday, offers an inside designed by Google and an outside designed by HTC. The primary interface is a 3.7-inch AMOLED display. The Nexus One runs Google's Android 2.1 operating system, and the WVGA display can show 3D graphics.

Near-final Firefox 3.6 out for testing

From CNET Mozilla has released its first release candidate, RC1, for Firefox 3.6.

The new version includes Personas, which lets people customize the browser's appearance; blocks third-party software from encroaching on its file system turf to increase stability; and perhaps most significantly given the competitive threat from Google Chrome, shortens start-up time and improves responsiveness and JavaScript performance.

Seagate, Western Digital Shipping SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External Drives

From DailyTech: The USB 2.0 interface has been a limiting factor for external hard drives even as they were developed. The obsolete interface can only transfer data at 480Mbps (60MB/s), but due to protocol overhead and other problems most users will find their data transfers capped around the 35MB/s-40MB/s range.

VIZIO Unveils Three New Portable TVs

From DailyTech: One of the most important technologies at CES this year has turned out to be 3D-ready TVs and the corresponding 3D programming from major satellite providers. Another of the technologies that has been huge at the show has been portable TVs.


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