IPhone 3GS in Japan: Less of a Crowd, More of a Party

From PC World: As the sun set in Tokyo on Thursday evening and the clock counted down toward the launch of the iPhone 3GS on Friday morning, the number of people waiting in front of Softbank Mobile's flagship store in the Omotesando district grew to around 100 and comradery and a party-like atmosphere spread through the crowd.

Microsoft sets Windows 7 pricing, upgrade programs

From CNET News.com: Microsoft on Wednesday announced retail pricing for Windows 7 that was at or below comparable Windows Vista prices, while also offering a chance for people to preorder the software at a substantial discount.

Apple Makes Over $400 Profit per 16 GB IPhone, $500 per 32 GB Model

From DailyTech: Apple has reportedly the world's strongest brand image, and yet manages to maintain some of the industry's largest profit margins, a rare achievement. Now that the iPhone bill of materials (BOM) for the iPhone 3G S has been divined thanks to an iSuppli tear down, it appears that Apple has another business success story on its hands with the iPhone 3G S.

Early Evening Around-the-Web Articles Roundup

Why prepare for dinner when you can read some reviews?

Microsoft Reveals End Date For Win7RC Downloads

From Tom's Hardware: Microsoft’s Stephen L. Rose penned a blog post earlier this week and reminded folks still using the Windows 7 Beta release that their days were numbered when it comes to downloading the RC.

Starting next Wednesday, July 1, the Beta will start to reboot every two hours and expire one month later, on August 1.

HTC Officially Unveils Hero Android Phone

From DailyTech: HTC held a launch event in Europe today that saw the firm unveil the not-so-closely kept secret handset called the HTC Hero. The Hero is an Android-powered smartphone with a deeply customized user interface. The phone should give Android fans something to be excited about.

No End in Sight for MacBook Display Issues

From DailyTech: In January, loyal Apple fans ponied up at least $2,799 to get their paws on the hot new 17" MacBook Pro. However, it proved for many of them to be an unpleasant ride with the graphics failing on many units. Now it's deja vu, with Apple owners being faced with more pesky graphics problems.

Windows 7 upgrade program nears launch

From CNET News.com: If you are thinking of buying a Windows Vista PC in the next day or so, you might want to hold off just a bit longer.

Microsoft has said that it will have a program whereby Vista PC buyers will be able to get a free copy of Windows 7, but only if they purchase after a certain date. Well, that date would appear to be June 26.

AMD to Roll-Out Mobile “Vision” Platforms – Rumours

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices reportedly plans to scrap its “better by design” program later this year when it unveils its next-generation code-named Tigris mobile platform. The platform policy is expected to be canned in favour of a new brand called AMD Vision, which will represent AMD’s future notebook platforms.

HP introduces new Mini business netbook

From InfoWorld: Seeking to cement its lead in the business-oriented netbook space, Hewlett-Packard Wednesday announced an updated Mini netbook.

Starting at $449, the Mini 5101 will come with a brighter OLED screen, a larger, spill-resistant keyboard, and a better-resolution 2-megapixel Webcam.


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