Lenovo Unveils New Notebooks and Desktops

From DailyTech: Lenovo has unveiled a new line of computers that all run the new Windows 7 OS. The machines slot into Lenovo's line of IdeaPad laptops and IdeaCenter desktop systems. The new line includes the U150, U550, and Y550P IdeaPads; and the B500, K300, and H230 IdeaCenter machines.

Intel X-25M G2 SSD "TRIM" Firmware Pulled Due to Data Corruption Problems in Windows 7

From DailyTech: It seems as though Intel just can't catch a break with its new X-25M G2 solid state drives (SSDs). Shortly after launching the drives in late July, Intel had to suspend shipments of the drives due to a data corruption problem. A firmware update was issued to correct the problem for drives that managed to make it to customers.

Google Voice Now Offers Service with Existing Numbers

From DailyTech: Google Voice has been a rather controversial service since it debuted. The service allows a user to give out one phone number for their office, mobile, and landline phones to users and get the calls on whatever device they are using. The big catch to the service so far has been that it required users to change to a new Google Voice phone number.

More evidence of Apple's nonexistent tablet surfaces

From CNET News.com: Apple is reportedly shopping its rumored tablet to media companies in Australia to gauge interest in having their products available on the device when its released, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. While specifications of the device were reportedly sent to the companies, nobody would confirm it on the record.

Cisco to buy cloud security firm for $183 million

From CNET News.com: Cisco Systems said Tuesday it plans to buy privately held Web-based security software company ScanSafe for about $183 million.

The all-cash deal, which also includes retention-based incentives, is expected to close in Cisco's fiscal second quarter, which ends in January 2010.

Tilera Goes After AMD, Intel, With 100-Core CPU

Kingston Releases Solid-State Drive to Boost Windows 7 Performance

From X-bit Labs: Kingston, a leading supplier of flash-based products, on Monday released its new solid-state drive (SSD) designed specifically to speed up Windows 7 boot-up time and operation. The new SSDNow V-series does not offer substantial capacity or extreme performance, but they still do the job and just for about $115.

VMware ships Workstation for virtualizing Windows 7

From InfoWorld: VMware has added support for Windows 7 and expanded the ability to handle virtual processors in Workstation 7, the new version of its platform for running multiple OSes simultaneously on a PC.

The new version of Workstation, announced Tuesday, supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. VMware Workstation 7 also works with features in the Windows 7 interface -- Flip 3D and Aero Peek -- to show live thumbnail pictures of a user's virtual machines.

BlackBerry Storm Gets Official 5.0 OS

From PC World: Verizon Wireless yesterday became the first carrier to officially release Research In Motion's (RIM) latest major BlackBerry device software upgrade, BlackBerry OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Storm users need only connect their devices to RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Manager to download and install the new software.

Facebook Users Criticize Site's Latest Makeover

From PC World: Three days after the latest makeover of Facebook's home page , hundreds of thousands of unhappy users are voicing their frustrations about the changes.


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