Opera Says Microsoft Should Ship Windows 7 with Multiple Browsers

From DailyTech: Antitrust investigations are nothing new for Microsoft. The company has been investigated and found to abuse its dominant market position on more than one occasion by authorities in the U.S. and in Europe. So far, the actions taken against Microsoft haven’t affected the firm's market dominance.

Corsair Memory Updates Cooling Systems of Memory Modules

From X-bit Labs: Corsair Memory, a leading producer of superior memory products, on Wednesday unveiled an update for cooling solution for its premium memory modules that it has been using for three years. The company hopes that improved coolers will help to further boost performance of memory modules.

Report: Next-gen Intel Atom chips tinier, cooler

From InfoWorld: The next generation of Intel's Atom family of processors will eschew a faster CPU in favor of an architectural overhaul that Intel and at least one analyst say will result in better performance over today's Atom-based netbooks and net-top PCs.

Windows 7 Beats Snow Leopard On Older Hardware Support

From PC World: Got a four-year-old Mac? Forget the newest version of OS X; Apple’s Snow Leopard will only be supported on Intel CPUs. Got a PC from 2001? Windows 7 just might run on it. I tested a below-spec PC with the latest version of Windows and saw surprising results.

Yahoo to distribute its version of Hadoop

From CNET News.com: Yahoo announced plans Wednesday to release an open-source version of its take on Hadoop, a grid-computing framework used to run many parts of its business.

Yahoo is a major force in the development of Hadoop, which is principally overseen by the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop is essentially an open-source version of the software Google uses to run its Web indexing servers, and Yahoo uses it for much the same purpose internally.

Google Looks to Dispel Antitrust Cloud, Insisting It's a Small Company

ATI Jumps on OpenCL Bandwagon by Releasing OpenCL Drivers

From X-bit Labs: ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, said in a statement that it is “actively” sampling preview releases of OpenCL-enabled drivers with strategic customers. The move allows developers of software to start playing with OpenCL before the company ships appropriate drivers to end-users.

Adobe patches 13 critical PDF bugs in first quarterly update

From InfoWorld: Adobe issued its first regularly-scheduled security updates on Tuesday, fixing at least 13 critical flaws reported by outside researchers and secretly patching an unspecified number of bugs found by its own team.

Google Quick Search Box Released

From PC World: Google Quick Search Box, which we covered when it was just a developer preview six months ago, has just been officially released. Quick Search Box is the child of Quicksilver, which isn't surprising since Quicksilver creator Nicholas Jitkoff works for Google and is one of Quick Search Box's developers.

Apple finalizes PowerPC divorce with OS upgrade

From CNET News.com: Apple, a company that's rarely namby-pamby about making technological changes, has put its foot down once again with its Snow Leopard upgrade to Mac OS X due in September.

When the new operating system arrives in September, it'll work only on Intel-based Macs. That means Mac OS X 10.5, aka Leopard, will be the end of the line for those with Macs that use PowerPC processors.


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