Former Intel exec pleads guilty in Galleon case

From CNET A former Intel executive pleaded guilty on Monday to providing insider information to Galleon Group's founder, Raj Rajaratnam.

The case revolves around Rajaratnam, who founded the Galleon Group, a New York-based hedge fund that managed $7 billion in funds. In total, 22 people have been charged with criminal or civil charges by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Ten, including the Intel executive, have pleaded guilty to date.

Netflix says ISPs could threaten Web video

From CNET Netflix, the Web's hottest video rental service, is worried that bandwidth providers could abuse their position as the gatekeepers of Internet access to hamstring competing Web-video distributors.

As the Federal Communications Commission continues to consider proposals for Net neutrality regulations, Netflix recently asked the agency (PDF) to adopt rules that protect Web video fans from anti-competitive practices.

Google to Bring Wave, Voice to Businesses in 2010

From DailyTech: Google is working hard to fight Microsoft on several fronts. Google is the clear leader the search market in America, but Microsoft is working hard to gain on Google in search with Bing. At the same time, Google is putting pressure on Microsoft in the smartphone market with the popular Android OS and Google is also competing against Microsoft in productivity software with its Google Apps.

Microsoft Claims Windows 7 Has No Battery Life Problems, Customers Say Otherwise

From DailyTech: Laptops now outnumber desktops in sales and that trend is only set to broaden in coming years. With the majority of customers now using laptops, anything on an operating system level that affects laptop users is becoming increasingly important. Thus, when reports popped up that Windows 7 was erroneously telling users to replace their batteries on perfectly healthy notebooks, many took note.

Articles Roundup: February 8, 2010

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Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case @ TechwareLabs

Verizon temporarily blocks some 4chan sites

From CNET Verizon temporarily blocked traffic from some Web sites affiliated with the 4chan online forum on Monday after finding that some affiliate sites were apparently launching network attacks.

Oracle Buys AmberPoint for SOA Management

From PC World: Oracle on Monday fattened up its already burgeoning middleware stack, announcing Monday that it has purchased SOA (service oriented architecture) management vendor AmberPoint. Terms were not disclosed.

SOA refers to a systems design approach that eschews monolithic applications and instead designates various processes, such as running a credit check on a customer, as interoperable "services" that allow code to be flexibly reused.

Canon Unveils EOS T2i D-SLR, New PowerShot Cameras

From DailyTech: Canon is a big and popular maker of many types of digital cameras from the cheap point-and-shoot cameras to more complex and expensive D-SLR cameras. The new D-SLR camera from Canon is called the EOS Rebel T2i. The camera is described as a D-SLR that can grow with a photographer as they learn more and expect more from the camera.

Hot New AMOLED Displays Ready to Flood Smartphone Market

From DailyTech: Did you fall in love with the Nexus One's brilliant AMOLED screen? It's easy to see why you might -- the active matrix organic light emitting diode screens features lower power consumption, lower cost, and superior image/color quality to traditional TFT LCD screens found in other smartphones such as the Blackberry or the iPhone.

Adobe promises faster Flash on Macs

From CNET Adobe Systems, evidently stung by recent criticisms of its widely used Flash Player browser plug-in, has promised better performance on Mac systems.


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