Twitter acquires data firm Smallthought Systems

From CNET Twitter announced Thursday that it has acquired Smallthought Systems, a data company that it has worked with in the past. Smallthought has manufactured a product called Dabble DB that Twitter had used internally, and a newer one called Trendly that parses Google Analytics data.

A price wasn't disclosed.

Dell Installs Nvidia Tesla Fermi Computing Accelerators into Servers

From X-bit Labs: Dell, one of the world’s largest makers of servers, on Wednesday announced new blade machines aimed database processing or high-performance computing (HPC) applications that can optionally integrate Nvidia Tesla 2000-series computing boards. Dell becomes the second top server maker to adopt GPGPU technology by Nvidia.

O2 Pulls an “AT&T”, Kills Unlimited Data Plans for UK iPhone 4 Customers

From DailyTech: Last week, AT&T rained on everyone's parade when it announced new data plans for its smartphones ahead of the iPhone 4 launch. AT&T announced that its DataPlus would limit customers to 200MB of data downloads during a month for a price of $15. The new $25 DataPro plan ups that monthly cap to a more generous 2GB.

T-Mobile Next to Get the iPhone?

From PC World: Just when the annual iPhone-on-Verizon rumors were starting to calm down, a new batch of rumors has started, this time claiming that the iPhone may come to T-Mobile, instead.

AT&T Web site exposes data of 114,000 iPad users

From CNET A group of hackers exploited a hole in an AT&T Web site to get e-mail addresses of about 114,000 iPad users, including what appears to be top officials in government, finance, media, technology, and military.

Cisco Unveils New Small Biz Storage Line

From CRN: Cisco is expanding its small business storage offering with a new line of storage appliances that give its networking partners a new way to potentially increase profits.

Grandis: STT-RAM to replace DRAM, flash

From EETimes: Grandis Inc.--a developer of spin transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM) technology--has updated its product roadmap with some ambitious efforts in mind: It hopes to replace DRAM, and eventually, NAND, with its next-generation MRAM.

But the company’s roadmap has been altered to some degree, according to an analyst, who believes that it takes longer than expected to bring a new memory technology to market.

Microsoft hopes Dallas project will become 'iTunes for data'

From InfoWorld: With its Dallas project, Microsoft seems to be exploring the idea of becoming a data broker. At the Tech Ed conference this week in New Orleans, the company discussed how its planned data broker service might operate.

"Dallas is a broker for discovering information," said Adam Wilson, a program manager working on Dallas. The data sets themselves, available by APIs (application programming interfaces), come from a variety of data sources.

Articles Roundup: June 9, 2010

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Foxconn to Cease Building Towns Around Its Factories

From X-bit Labs: Foxconn Electronics, the world’s largest contract maker of various computer and consumer electronics products, said it would revise its manufacturing model considerably. The company would raise payments to its employees following an array of suicides among workers of Shenzhen factory, but would cease paying compensations and building infrastructure.


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