Intel Drives Nehalem Micro-Architecture to Mobile Computers

From X-bit Labs: As expected, Intel Corp. unveiled its first chips powered by Nehalem micro-architecture for mobile computers. The new central processing units (CPUs) originally known under Clarksfield code-name will power high-end laptops aimed at demanding workstation users or gamers. Besides, the new code-named Calpella platform will enable richer multimedia feature-set for notebook.

Intel Light Peak to Enable High-Speed Universal Optical Interconnection

From X-bit Labs: All modern interconnection technologies, whether it is DisplayPort, USB 3.0 or FireWire, utilize copper wires, which have relatively limited peak bandwidth. In order to solve the bandwidth and wire problems in the long term, Intel Corp. is working on Light Peak optical interconnection technology, the company revealed at Intel Developer Forum 2009.

Intel ports Linux netbook OS to desktops

From InfoWorld: Intel has expanded the scope of Linux-based Moblin by porting the OS from netbooks to mobile devices and desktops, where it could compete with Microsoft's Windows OS.

Gran Turismo 5 Coming in March Next Year

From PC World: The latest installation in the hit "Gran Turismo" driving simulation series for the PlayStation 3 will be coming in the first quarter of next year, Sony announced Thursday at the Tokyo Game Show.

The game had been rumored to hit store shelves this year but won't be available until March 2010 in Japan, said Kazunori Yamauchi during a news conference. Launch dates for other markets were not announced and pricing was not discussed.

Gmail outage hits 'small subset of users'

From CNET Gmail was unavailable Thursday morning for what Google said was a "small subset of users," the latest outage from a company that prides itself in running advanced computing systems.

On the Google Apps status dashboard, the company said at 7:29 a.m. PDT that it was aware of the problem. However, using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) to access e-mail through software such as Outlook or Thunderbird still works, the company said.

Is HP changing its Voodoo tune?

From CNET Hewlett-Packard is sending mixed signals on what exactly it plans to do with the Voodoo PC brand it acquired three years ago.

Dell Receives EU Permission to Accept Government Money From Poland

From DailyTech: The European Commission has given the Polish government a green light to transfer $80.7M in aid to Dell, allowing the tech giant to build a factory.

Dell will close its Limerick, Ireland, manufacturing plant -- which was announced earlier in the year -- shifting the company's European focus to Poland. The plant closure in Ireland will cost the country 1,900 total jobs, though financial aid up to $22M will be provided to the Limerick region.

ATI Launches Radeon HD 5800 Series, First DirectX 11 GPUs

From DailyTech: When ATI first launched the Radeon HD 4870 last year, it delivered a new level of performance at a great price point. NVIDIA struggled to compete, but still managed to hold onto a lot of its marketshare.

Microsoft Courier Heats up Tablet Sector

From DailyTech: Microsoft dropped a blockbuster product announcement yesterday via Gizmodo. After months of Apple-tablet rumors, including word that Steve Jobs himself is masterminding the device, it is Apple's competitor Microsoft that has stolen the spotlight with the announcement of an upcoming touchscreen ultra-mobile device.

Intel Targeting 22nm Chips by 2011

From Tom's Hardware: Just after Intel was proud to show off its 32nm wafer for its Westmere processor, the world's largest chipmaker today brought out the first working chips built on the 22nm process.

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini took to the stage with 22nm test circuits that include both SRAM memory as well as logic circuits to be used in future Intel microprocessors.


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