AT&T and Verizon Pull Lawsuits, Save Face

From PC World: Attorneys for AT&T and Verizon Wireless agreed today to drop two federal lawsuits over Verizon advertising about its 3G network.

As a result, AT&T avoids giving itself an even bigger black eye than it has gotten from many iPhone users, who have complained about inadequate network coverage from the company, which is the iPhone 's exclusive carrier.

Lenovo mobile push could hurt PC side

From CNET Lenovo's purchase of the mobile phone arm it sold off last year signals its intention to penetrate the global market, but the move could dilute its core computer business, according to a Shanghai-based analyst.

The Chinese computer maker last week announced it bought back Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology in a deal worth $200 million in cash and Lenovo shares. It had sold the business unit to a group of investors in early 2008.

Phone photo quality interests Google, Microsoft

From CNET Google and Microsoft have joined a group devoted to creating a way that cell phone buyers can easily comprehend the quality of their camera phones.

The International Imaging Industry Association said the tech titans signed up to help with the third phase of the Camera Phone Image Quality Initiative, in which a variety of companies try to create measurements to capture various test results.

Microsoft Launches Bing 2.0, Inches Closer to Google

From DailyTech: Microsoft has already rolled out its new Bing search engine, the successor to Live Search/MSN Search. The new search engine powers Microsoft search homepage ( and partner Yahoo's search page. Google, which enjoys a sizable lead over Microsoft and Yahoo, has a shiny new search engine of its own -- Caffeine. However, some people still prefer Google's good old-fashioned standard interface.

Dell Goes Patch Crazy to Fix Its Overheating Laptops

From DailyTech: Overheating problems in mobile electronics are hardly new territory, but they're always unpleasant to say the least. Thus when news broke earlier this week that some users' Dell Latitude E6400 and E6500 (as well as select XPS notebooks) were overheating and underclocking, many were frustrated.

Samsung Begins to Mass Produce NAND Flash with DDR Interface

From X-bit Labs: Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that it began shipping its 32Gb multi-level-cell (MLC) NAND flash chips with an asynchronous DDR (double data rate) interface made using 30nm-class process technology to major OEMs at the end of November.

Samsung Begins to Produce 3-Bit-per-Cell Flash Memory Using 30nm Process Tech

From X-bit Labs: Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of flash and DRAM, on Tuesday announce that it had commenced the industry’s first volume production of 3-bit-per-cell (3bpc), multi-level-cell (MLC) NAND flash chips using 30nm process technology. The chips will be used for memory cards, however, similar chips can be used to make inexpensive solid-state drives.

Microsoft denies blame for 'black screens of death'

From InfoWorld: Microsoft has denied that its November Windows updates are causing a widespread "black screen" lock-out of users' PCs.

Psystar Stops Selling Mac Clones With Apple's OS

From PC World: Mac clone maker Psystar has agreed to pay Apple nearly $2.7 million in a partial settlement approved today by the federal judge who has overseen the 17-month case.

Psystar has also halted sales of Intel-based clones with Mac OS X preinstalled. Late Tuesday, its Web site showed all Mac clone models as "out of stock." The company's attorney confirmed that Psystar will no longer sell computers with Apple's operating system pre-loaded.

Comcast poised to get NBC Universal

From CNET Comcast is very close to sealing the deal to acquire NBC Universal, CNBC anchor and reporter David Faber reported Tuesday. The only thing left to do is sign the papers.

Faber said in a story posted on the CNBC Web site that the deal is expected to be formally announced on Thursday. But CNET sources close to the deal say the final details could take longer to tie up, and the final announcement about could be pushed back until early next week.


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