Microsoft wants multicore boost from Windows 7

From CNET Microsoft is one of the companies that feels the pressure to most acutely when it comes to putting those cores to work. Though it doesn't pretend to have the problem licked, Microsoft does believe Windows 7 provides a better foundation for using multicore systems than earlier versions of the operating system.

Print Book Business Faces Digital Transition

From DailyTech: When the internet first started to reach mainstream usage, traditional print companies didn’t think much of the new medium. These days, however, many traditional print publications are finding that combating the free content available online is an increasingly difficult proposition that has resulted in more than one print publication going out of business or moving to an online-only status.

LG's Green Kindle-Competitor is Solar-powered, Sony Partnership May be in the Works

From DailyTech: While there's nothing quite like a good book -- a paper one that is -- e-book readers do provide some compelling advantages over their more traditional brethren. For one, you can essentially carry a small library in the palm of your hand. Another advantage is that the readers save trees, reduces the amount of ink and paper chemicals that can find there way into the environment, and reduces the amount of energy required by traditional publishing.

Do you own a modern, HD digital camcorder?

32% (46 votes)
68% (98 votes)
Total votes: 144

Sony Unveils Vaio X, Vaio CW Laptops

From PC World: Sony has unveiled the official specs for its super-slim Sony Vaio X series laptops, which the company was showing off last month at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The specs are pretty close to what was predicted, but there are a few surprises--including a lower-than-expected price. Sony also detailed its upcoming Vaio CW series laptops, which are less expensive than the X series.

Report details AT&T wait to break even on iPhones

From CNET With its large subsidies to Apple, AT&T doesn't break even on iPhone accounts with high data-usage until the 17th month of a 24-month contract, according to a new report from Yankee Group.

The report, titled "The Golden Subsidy Egg's Goose is Cooked: Welcome to the Brave New Subsidy-Free World," looks at the downside of subsidies paid to manufacturers by cell phone carriers. The report cites AT&T's iPhone contract with Apple as a prime example.

Google Books is About Readers, Sergey Brin Says

From PC World: Google cofounder Sergey Brin has some choice words for Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, and anyone else who opposes the into e-books: Back off, we're trying to help the readers.

Nvidia in the throes of remaking itself

From CNET As graphics kingpin Nvidia tries to reshape itself into a broad-based computing company, it is taking big gambles with potentially big payoffs, while it fends off challenges from rivals Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

The world's largest supplier of standalone graphics chips for PCs needs to grow. Established markets have matured and Nvidia must seek out other ways to make money.

MSI's Big Bang Mobo Offers THX Yummyness

From Tom's Hardware: Earlier today, MSI officially announced its collaboration with Creative and THX to bring their audio technologies to the upcoming Big Bang motherboard. According to the company, the new mobo line is slated to be the first to implement THX TruStudio PC along with Creative's EAX Advanced HD 5.0 audio technology.

Blu-Ray Disc Media Larger than 50GB Incompatible with Existing Players – BDA

From X-bit Labs: Even though Blu-ray disc technology allows creating multi-layer high-capacity media that can store hundreds of gigabytes of data, the Blu-ray disc Association (BDA) claims officially that existing Blu-ray disc players will not be compatible with 100GB or 200GB BD media. Nevertheless, BDA claims that 50GB will be enough for movies for many years to come.


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