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AMD Launches Congo Ultrathin Mobile Platform

From Tom's Hardware: Along with the new Vision branding initiative, AMD today also launched its new ultrathin mobile platform – codenamed Congo.

AMD had already decided that it wasn't going to partake in a war against Intel for the netbook market by creating an Atom competitor, but instead would make chips that were for similar form factors (small notebooks) but with more processing power (along with heftier power requirements).

AMD Tigris Notebook Platform is Good at Video

From Tom's Hardware: Along with the launch of the new Vision branding initiative and the ultrathin mobile platform Congo, AMD today also debuted its new mainstream notebook platform codename Tigris.

Of course, the mainstream segment covers all AMD-powered notebooks outside of the ultrathin products – from the low-cost entry level all the way up to the full desktop replacement models.

Apple fixes Flash snafu in Snow Leopard and 33 bugs in Leopard

From InfoWorld: Less than two weeks after Apple launched Snow Leopard, the company today issued the new operating system's first security update. In a separate upgrade, Apple patched 33 vulnerabilities in 2007's Leopard, and about half as many in the even older Tiger.

Today's updates were the third and fourth from Apple in the last two days. Wednesday, Apple delivered security fixes for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as another upgrade for its QuickTime media player.

New AMD Graphics Card Drives Six Displays

From PC World: In the future, everyone will have their own Jeopardy-style video walls. Or at least that's the future AMD envisions.

In addition to new notebook chipsets, AMD today introduced Eyefinity, a new technology that allows for up to six displays to be driven off of one video card.

Twitter tweaks terms of service

From CNET Twitter posted changes to its terms of service Thursday, assuring users that they own their tweets while leaving "the door open for advertising" opportunities.

"The revisions more appropriately reflect the nature of Twitter and convey key issues such as ownership," Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wrote in a company blog. "For example, your tweets belong to you, not to Twitter."

Jobs Discusses Reasoning Behind New iPod Line Decisions

From DailyTech: Yesterday marked the unveiling of the new iPod line and everything went pretty much as expected. The only thing that could be considered a surprise was that only the tiny new iPod nano got a camera -- many believed that the touch would get a camera as well.

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First Alleged Photos of ATI Radeon HD 5870 Emerge on the Web

From X-bit Labs: The first images of what is claimed to be the next-generation high-performance ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card have emerged on the Internet. The graphics card seems to be unusually long and more resemble single-chip solutions from Nvidia Corp. rather than from ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices.

Sony Readies New Advanced PlayStation 3

From X-bit Labs: Sony Computer Entertainment is preparing a more expensive version of its PlayStation 3 slim game console, a media report claims. The move will allow Sony to capture customers, who want to have premium game system. Still, a rather “cheap” design of the PS3 slim is likely to withdraw customers, who would pay a premium from the device.


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