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  1. Last week
  2. Did anyone read this: Is this a reference to...
  3. It's also Amazon's Choice - nice Cooler and Review.
  4. Lol, yep. And you can always hear it coming
  5. You can't really not remove anything... and those are a real mess that you can never clean off. Do not attempt!
  6. What if i put foam spray with out remove any thing ?
  7. Earlier
  8. I should invest in more lenses lol Yeah this keyboard is way better than the one before
  9. Glad everyone is still making air coolers.
  10. 😀 Lots of lens distortion Jadon. Looks like they're doing better with this KB compared to the last one.
  11. I wonder how much of a $ difference from going to Platinum to Titanium? Most of the parts are the same.
  12. Haven't seen that for years!
  13. Was thinking about that too - guess you still have to cope.
  14. 🤣 25 days after it's posted - great review Ben.
  15. I'm actually surprised at the price. This is really good for the performance and the features.
  16. This keyboard looks like is a pretty good budget keyboard.
  17. But one of the best https://aphnetworks.com/reports/antec-signature-platinum-1000w
  18. Yep, and we will be doing a giveaway soon too
  19. Yep, one of the best coolers I've seen for sure
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