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  3. Yep it's mainly because of the cache design. I've set the cache to 15 minutes for the pages, so we might have a slight delay on the forum blocks, but we'll get much faster performance.
  4. The Corsair fan NDA was lifted and now it's up online. We'll be getting another Corsair keyboard. Other things on the list include a new Cooler Master mouse and 1STPLAYER keyboard.
  5. I think the performance is quite fair on these. Corsair is aiming to get all the corners of the market, and they got a great platform to work with here.
  6. APH Networks, 2005-2008 using Drupal 5. APH Networks, 2008-2013 using Drupal 6. APH Networks, 2013-2019 using Drupal 7.
  7. It is pretty fast https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/crucial-x8-1tb
  8. Haha not exactly Review is up though! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/patriot-viper-4-blackout-ddr4-3600-2x8gb
  9. is it just the same ram with a different heatsink color 😝
  10. so far looks really good and it's much faster than the old site
  11. checking the rt doesn't help they're mostly corsair ndas lol
  12. Glad you guys liked it. There is a known issue where the latest forum posts block is being cached by the CMS for anonymous users only, so we're looking into how to deal with it. Other than that, we've also moved servers in recent times, so almost everything is new haha.
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  14. 😗 These random posts got to stop it's keeping me Wondering.
  15. I really like the new Website! Looks exactly as Promised and renders nicely on Mobile too which is the biggest difference.
  16. 😁 Keep Updating until they get Perfect.
  17. Awesome Review chc - it's impressive how far Philips has come/
  18. Bose really does have the ANC Nailed but in Sound quality there's no competition with Sennheiser.
  19. You're missing out definitely try it for Next time.
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