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  2. Yep, my friend Chris' TL. He sold his TL last week to buy mine. And with that it's time to wrap out a great 7 months of adventures That was the TL parked on my driveway this morning. Final odometer while in my possession. I put 8560km on the car. Back to my house with the TL, Chris and I swapped to the all-season tires. These are the all-season tires that came with the car (Michelin Primacy MXM4) from the previous owner, which had 7/32" on it (new is 8/32"). He mounted it on the rims that were on his previous TL, which he kept before selling it. He sold it with the winter rims, so these ones had TPMS sensors too. Some fuel statistics: Lifetime Fuel Consumed (L) 814.310 Lifetime Fuel Cost (CAD) $933.82 Lifetime Kilometers Tracked 8560.9 Average Fuel Consumption (L/100km) 9.69 Average Fuel Cost Per Unit (CAD) $1.158 Average Distance Per Tank (km) 372.2 The stats were not bad for a car of that generation, and 90% of those miles were put on throughout the winter. Other than that, I've spent only $20 in repairing the beads of the stock rims and the cost of paint for touching up the scratch. Great car -- but back to the Accord!
  3. Haha yeah I had to read the Tesla forums to find out more. It's a weird designation, but you can find it on Tire Rack. Even the guy who sold it to me was surprised about the foam.
  4. Wootzors. Yeah I looked at it in real life, it's an interesting case.
  5. Yeah definitely not cheap But if we can get one in, it'll be pretty cool.
  6. Sounds good lol. More stuff to come after Computex.
  7. They're pushing hard on the enthusiast market. Micron has always been a leader in OCable chips, I guess they weren't big on the retail market back then.
  8. It's pushed to next week. Sorry guys.
  9. Last week
  10. That's really good Price but now I know what the TO on these Tires mean. I saw them sometime back and Google gave no Results.
  11. Interesting the Front filters are all magnetic - and the side is Acrylic. Enjoyed the review.
  12. That's a lot of Cooler Master stuff but check out that Racing Rig! $1K
  13. Awesome Review chc! Ballistix is doing very well at APH.
  14. When will this Review be released? I thought it was for Today.
  15. Is the black TL the same TL in the first page?
  16. More for today: https://aphnetworks.com/news/20819-cooler-master-announces-collaboration-gtr-simulator https://aphnetworks.com/news/20820-cooler-master-announces-new-power-products-computex https://aphnetworks.com/news/20821-cooler-master-announces-new-case-products-computex https://aphnetworks.com/news/20822-cooler-master-highlights-new-thermal-products-computex-2019
  17. Yep. Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cooler-master-masterbox-q500l
  18. I've always bought new tires especially for my main car, but I was looking on Kijiji today and found a guy selling a set of Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires for $385 CAD. But these are not just regular Primacy MXM4s. They are brand new take-offs from his Tesla Model 3, meaning these are the special TO Tesla Acoustic Tech version, which has dampening foam on the inside. Since they were new and I save almost $1000 compared to new, I couldn't pass up the deal. The only caveat is it's a 30km drive to the guy's house (He's in the SE and I'm in the NW), but I think it's well worth it! Brought them home. Sure is brand new as he described. He said he drove 90km on his Tesla before he got new rims. The acoustic foam on the inside. They're over $300 at Kal Tire and Costco and those are not even the 98W TO version. Will get them installed soon on my Accord soon
  19. Well let's first track the press releases https://aphnetworks.com/news/20800-lian-li-launches-new-stylish-bora-digital-fans https://aphnetworks.com/news/20808-cooler-master-launches-new-v-gold-series-power-supply-units https://aphnetworks.com/news/20809-fsp-leads-way-aiot-and-5g-computex-2019 https://aphnetworks.com/news/20810-geil-unveils-evo-x-ll-gravity-and-transwarp-memory-computex-2019 https://aphnetworks.com/news/20811-patriot-and-viper-gaming-attend-computex-2019
  20. I remember there's a thread last year, what are you all excited for?
  21. Please use imperial for us Americans too.
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