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  2. I completed glanced over this - now this is a weird design choice!
  3. First thing I noticed too - it looks real slick.
  4. That looks like an improvement - the WD Blue series is some real competition now.
  5. 😆 "when dealing with mounts, do as the mountains do" I might just pick 1 of these up
  6. That's interesting as I would imagine the custom PC market is more boutique now and people want higher end products.
  7. I'm interested in how the Philips Performance Wireless headphones are.
  8. I noticed the same problem.
  9. Last week
  10. Yup. It has some nice fake RGB. It would have looked so nice.
  11. That's a great Mount for a great Price too.
  12. If I'm reading this Correctly the "RGB" is Static?
  13. Watched the Video too. I noticed a Bug in Mobile, it seems the video is not Adaptive to the screen.
  14. Looks like a worthy Update if you don't own the Original K95. How old is the annoying friend?
  15. Double the trouble, review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/western-digital-blue-sn550-nvme-ssd-1tb
  16. Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/silverstone-arm21
  17. Interesting name and interesting product
  18. Earlier
  19. It's a more lucrative market now I guess
  20. Nice pics. Yeah, it looks like an update to the ARM line. I think having the arms side-by-side is better than the original ARM Two where they are stacked on top of each other on a single pole.
  21. Well, I enjoyed the review. Expect to see more from Jadon.
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