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  1. It's all about the RGB life in 2018
  2. chconline

    Reeven Ouranos RC-1401 by Hai Wang

    Great shots! It looks like a solid performing unit.
  3. Haha, nice. Got to love the Cooler Master purple.
  4. chconline

    HP ENVY 13

    Not to mention Microsoft. But the Surface is also expensive
  5. chconline

    Has Messenger rendered Skype obsolete?

    That's probably the biggest appeal in addition to Google Hangouts.
  6. chconline

    NZXT E850 850W by Jonathan Kwan

    It is definitely a rarity, although my Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium died after a few days of use until I got a replacement (running rock solid now). The replacement is coming in via Canada Post.
  7. chconline

    October 2018 Review Plans

    We should have a new QNAP NAS coming in soon.
  8. Nice! Post pics when it comes in
  9. Woot Haven't seen a classic non-RGB clothpad review in a long time.
  10. chconline

    HP ENVY 13

    Yeah MacBooks are crazy expensive. The new keyboards on the MBP feels a lot worse than the previous generation in my opinion. There just isn't enough travel.
  11. chconline

    Has Messenger rendered Skype obsolete?

    I don't even have it installed haha. But everyone in Hong Kong uses it, and all the HKers who live in Canada.
  12. chconline

    NZXT E850 850W by Jonathan Kwan

    Maybe cost or the Prime Ultra platform is exclusive to Seasonic? No idea haha. Also the PSU died before we could test it A replacement is coming soon.
  13. chconline

    October 2018 Review Plans

    I got a Seasonic SFX PSU coming. Also, the BX500 arrived, and we also got confirmation for a MetallicGear Neo chassis.
  14. chconline

    Cooler Master CK550 by Ben Joubert

    It's just a different style of finish