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  1. The Official Driving Test/Road Tests Tips Thread

    You can have a running commentary of what you're doing. You're tested on your ability to drive, not your ability to follow instructions.
  2. GAMDIAS Hermes P2 RGB by Seth Claussen

    I'm excited to see this
  3. Just some cracks and a hole Thanks!
  4. February 2018 Review Plans

    I'm pretty happy with that. As I've said in the other thread, we'll have a Tesoro Gram XS coming as well.
  5. We want your Opinion!

    Ten minutes is probably a good benchmark for serious reviews. The rest we can stick at 3 to 5 minutes.
  6. NZXT H700i by Jonathan Kwan

    Well NZXT should be replacing it with a new module. Hopefully we can push this review out soon
  7. FSP CMT510 by Seth Claussen

    It's going to be filming this week last I heard. It's a lot of work first time around
  8. Snow in Calgary

    Probably a bit of wind as well, but yeah, we're getting more snow than usual.
  9. Corsair Gaming HS60 Surround by Aaron Lai

    Lol super tight scheduling on this one. Great review I must say. Fastest review here at APH Networks
  10. Nothing wrong with rose gold. It's a great color. Plus I bought a case
  11. Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum by Hai Wang

    Yep, an XS should be coming.
  12. February 2018 Review Plans

    Sure is. Also I got Sennheiser wireless earbuds and a SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB
  13. We want your Opinion!

    That's a good point. I think video reviews are also great for showing products like cases.
  14. NZXT H700i by Jonathan Kwan

    I heard about that too. But I got a bigger problem. The CAM just won't power on, so I'll have to push back this review. Literally on the last paragraph