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  1. Just crossed the 80K mark and it seems I'm running into a problem. Towards the end of October, I felt my handbrake was very loose -- I can engage the first click even if my sleeve gets caught on the handle. I was a little bit suspicious the handbrake was seized, but I did not have time to test. It was not until one night I was driving home that the TPMS light came on. A visual inspection did not indicate anything wrong, but my driver's side wheel was much hotter than the other ones. I jacked the car up to check, and it was exactly what I suspected: The caliper was seized. The TPMS light came on because the extra heat and resistance caused the tire to not rotate at the same speed as the wheels. I called my regular mechanic, Hu's Garage, who has always worked on my car since new and he got the caliper replaced by a NuGeon rebuild caliper at 79643km on Oct 29th . A brake flush was completed as well for a total of $360. Things went OK at first, but I noticed by car was having a hard time holding in position on a steep hill, which led me to suspect one side of the calipers were not engaging. I didn't have time to deal with it much until about 2 weeks ago when I noticed by handbrake handle was loose again. I checked the calipers and sure enough, now the passenger's side caliper was seized. It was the exact same problem and it died 3 weeks after the other side died. I called the mechanic again and he took a look with the car back in the shop on Nov 27th. It was exactly what I suspected it to be; the left caliper was not engaging when the handbrake is pulled and the right side was seized. 2 days later, he got the parts in and replaced both sides -- the left side under warranty from him -- at 81064km. As it turned out, the quality of the calipers were no good. The handbrake was unable to fully release, possibly due to the spring's lack of strength from the rebuild calipers. I asked why he didn't use better brands like Raybestos or even OEM, which he said his supplier does not supply Raybestos and OEM calipers were quoted at $450. I was surprised since the dealership only charges $340 (that's the list price) and I could find them at TorontoHondaParts for $270 after the 20% off coupon. I asked if he was OK if I brought in my own parts, which he said he would appreciate -- and he would even install them at no extra charge and even refund me the old calipers. I ended up buying from TorontoHondaParts. Their online ordering system is no good -- Paypal doesn't work, and it tried to charge me HST but I am from Alberta. A quick call later, and they only charged me 5% GST and a Paypal invoice. $619.36 including taxes and shipping and 5 days later, I got my parts in. These are real Honda OEM parts, which costs twice as much as Raybestos from RockAuto, but I think I'll stick with OEM parts haha. Interestingly, they came in new part numbers as follows: 43018-T2M-P00 SUPERSEDES 43018-T2F-A01 43019-T2M-P00 SUPERSEDES 43019-T2F-A01 Probably the old design had issues. Also, I just placed an order for some 2020 maps for my nav. It hasn't been updated since I got the car.
  2. I don't see why it's necessary. They're incredibly expensive and it seems to be a bit excessive haha. I would just stick with a regular smoke/CO detector. You really only need them if anything goes wrong. Why you need one that you can connect to using your phone or needs regular firmware updates is beyond me.
  3. Probably not too much of a difference considering how it's configured.
  4. Great review! Yeah, cooling products are expensive nowadays haha.
  5. There are new products coming. Will post once they're in
  6. Yeah, it's a more economical RGB wireless keyboard. Adding mechanical will probably more than double the price.
  7. Lol looks like everyone is finishing up their segment at this time. CES is coming soon, so we'll wrap up what we have before we ship in some new stuff
  8. That is good haha. It means we've significantly upgraded
  9. Great review. We're getting their entire lineup covered
  10. Great suggestion -- we will look into that for next time
  11. I believe the material is different, but Hai can confirm.
  12. A permanent redirect. I've set one of our old domains, linkinbox.com, as a permanent redirect. Also, I set one to take out the "www".
  13. Wootzors, first written review of the ModMic at APH Networks
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