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  1. Lots to clear out this month, but we got more Noctua heatsinks coming in
  2. Lol, yep. And you can always hear it coming
  3. You can't really not remove anything... and those are a real mess that you can never clean off. Do not attempt!
  4. I'm actually surprised at the price. This is really good for the performance and the features.
  5. This keyboard looks like is a pretty good budget keyboard.
  6. But one of the best https://aphnetworks.com/reports/antec-signature-platinum-1000w
  7. Yep, and we will be doing a giveaway soon too
  8. Yep, one of the best coolers I've seen for sure
  9. Things should be returning mostly back to normal now. The demand curve should be normal and production is also back to normal.
  10. Glad you enjoyed the review. Definitely a top-notch product
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