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  1. chconline

    February 2019 Review Plans

    Well, some GeIL RAM arrived yesterday. A departure from the SSDs
  2. I paid about $30 to ship to Markham ON using Canada Post Expedited. Wasn't too bad, but certainly don't want to pay for it again haha.
  3. Haha a transparent impeller? This is an interesting product
  4. chconline

    SilverStone Nightjar NJ600 600W

    SilverStone says they used electrical components that generates less audible noise.
  5. chconline

    Buying New Earphones

    Yeah, you're not just comparing the protocol at that point. The receiver probably has a poor quality DAC, etc. I've compared wired versus wireless using the V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless (you can operate it in wired mode), and while you can tell the difference, you have to pay pretty close attention and it is certainly not night and day.
  6. chconline

    Buying New Earphones

    Well if they're more worn, it means they're nicely broken in Let us know how your search goes!
  7. chconline

    Buying New Earphones

    Yeah money certainly is an issue, especially $100 isn't a small sum. The thing is with audio products, $100 is not a lot
  8. chconline

    Buying New Earphones

    Haha yeah, first world problems. Or maybe they have demo units available?
  9. chconline

    SilverStone Nightjar NJ600 600W

    It's based off the Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium Fanless 600W but better according to SilverStone.
  10. Two weeks definitely isn't a short time, and there was certainly some inconvenience. But they got it fixed, I'm not complaining. And I didn't need to ship it to America.
  11. chconline

    February 2019 Review Plans

    Yep and ADATA is back It's been a long time.
  12. chconline

    ROCCAT Renga Boost by Jonathan Kwan

    I was surprised too. Oh well, always another chance!
  13. chconline

    Tesoro Gram MX ONE by Aaron Lai

    Great price for a Cherry MX keyboard, especially with PBT keycaps 😮
  14. chconline

    Cooler Master MK850 by Jonathan Kwan

    Yep, we'll put it back up as soon as we can