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  1. Got to love the slim coolers. Lots of mITX focused reviews lately
  2. Never really had a problem with either company, but yeah, Seagate has better warranty.
  3. The joys of 62.9 cents days (57.9 at Costco), but what am I going to do? Not like I need or can go anywhere, sad.
  4. Haha, me too. I thought Aaron just got another panel to set his PC on, but I like the direction Fractal Design is taking.
  5. Yeah, there are some planned, but probably a delay going on with everyone working from home. There were products that were supposed to be sent out but hasn't been yet.
  6. Great mouse We got another updated Corsair mouse review, under embargo, coming soon.
  7. Sure is Review is up. https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/western-digital-red-pro-wd141kfgx-14tb
  8. Just went to Costco, it wasn't so bad haha. Arrived at exactly 9:00am this morning and things were quite straightforward. The checkout line was short; only had 3 people in front of me and no one was hoarding.
  9. Yeah, I've been avoiding Costco and other big supermarkets. I went to Sobey's today and manage to pick up these though: Thank goodness they're finally limiting toilet paper.
  10. No, you shouldn't bother with buying a program. If you can't decrypt it, neither can these programs.
  11. Yep, the Corsairs that Aaron covered a while back costed a lot more
  12. I gave it to some friends to listen to and on first impression, they seem to like it. Sound is a bit tricky because unless your ears are tuned, it's often hard to tell.
  13. It shouldn't. We have tons of products in stock. It might affect production from manufacturers though, but we will see. We should be well-stocked into May.
  14. Not that great haha. https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/philips-performance-wireless-taph805bk
  15. Not sure what to say. Just good stuff, clearing some queue, etc
  16. Yep, but COVID-19 is affecting production.
  17. They really don't look that bright. Sad the controller isn't working either.
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