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  1. ya the colors look really nice and all but... i gotta almost attach my self to the screen and squint to figure out what parts you have.. i can barely read the writing. other than that everything else is good
  2. congrats r3v, look at my sig,
  3. in the orange and gray ones, try making a thin blackoutline around the letters at the top beside the logo, so it looks better
  4. AngryRock


    alex is the new APH historian..
  5. In Flames - Come Clarity CD http://i14.tinypic.com/33m4fas
  6. Disturbed, Powerman 5000 and In Flames
  7. Asus Vento Not, Vento is actually a pretty ugly case. :/ really expensive too.. compared to other ones
  8. no.. EDIT: OMG GUYS OMG. I HIT 200 POSTS OMG. I FEEL SO SPECIAL. hitting 200 is truly an honor, thank u everyone. i just want to thank my parents. my family, my friends and Alex. for teaching me the ways of post spamming. *tear* THANK U
  9. i live in chinatown. i eat dogs, rats and cats. u guys should try it
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