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  2. I've smoked a puff once. Nothing happened. I have smoked 8 grams in one day before though. I couldn't walk...it was insane. I don't know if that counts though. Every hour, I would toss a G in the bowl and hit it up.
  3. Tomo


    I'm rastafarian. Ya mon. b.t.w. I'm actually not rastafarian...they are all just Jamaican hippies which is one of the last things I am.
  4. It looks weird...it's probably not going to be worth what it costs.
  5. I agree...it's not very nice. I guess chconline likes it though. b.t.w. what is that calendar thing in the bottom right corner? It looks kinda neat. Where do you get it?
  6. Tomo


    Well you would be an idiot to get the Wii for its graphics. They aren't good....at all. They are better than the cube's graphics though...which isn't saying much.
  7. I wonder how much it will cost.
  8. Tomo


    Unfortunately, the Wii is NOT region free which pisses me off a aphnetworks.com load because that is one of the reasons why I bought it. I checked on the internet before I bought it and the Wii was reported to be the only new console (xbox 360, ps3) that was not region free...but after I bought it, I checked again and Nintendo says the wii will not be region free...and also deny that they said it was going to be. It's still good though so whatever. Some good gamecube games are... -Metroid Prime -Resident Evil -Zelda: Wind Walker -Paper Mario and more (just go to gamespot.com and look at the top rated game cube games). Thank you very much for the luck...I think other people need the luck as well. Many people on this forum are high school students.
  9. Is your computer not in your room? Wasn't it before?
  10. Tomo


    Sounds good...well I will ask for somebody to make me one once I get a new graphics card (probably 8800gts).
  11. How do I make those signatures where it says my computer specs?
  12. My favourite desktop out of the ones posted was Herbicious'. It looks very modernistic and suites the Windows Vista theme.
  13. Tomo


    I'm not saying that Zelda is bad or anything though...besides the graphics, I don't think it's that big of an improvement compared to the N64 Zelda games (I haven't played game cube zelda). I'm sure as I play the game, I will start to like it more and more. The other games on the other hand, are games you can get into right away...that might be one reason why I got a little bored at the beginning.
  14. Tomo


    Wii has impressed me so far. It's definitely not the type of console where you will just play for hours by your self (*cough* final fantasy *cough) but when you meet up with some friends or family, maybe playing it for 30-60 minutes would be great. I LOVE WII! B.T.W. I'm back for right now...but exams are coming up so I think I will disappear again probably.
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