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  1. -- Bevin -- Canada -- 64 -- chconline. Haha, hey I haven't been here in over 5 years. Holy crap Jon do you still remember me? And how we would go to the site in Ottewell? How we would constantly try and beat one another's high scores on those games? They're gone now I see. But the warning you guys gave me as a joke is still there.
  2. wow, i haven't been here for months, almost a year.... oh well.....
  3. how would u know such crap about poop, did u do extensive research, u know what, don't answer that.....
  4. so your half christian half aethist?
  5. is ajswab saying something stupid again chc?
  6. i think in the future there won't be threads like this....lol
  7. depends, sometimes i'm really busy or my dad kicks me off for no reason, lol
  8. i donate a bit of change where ever i see available....
  9. maybe, but still the graphics are ok and their a lot cheaper
  10. Metroid! get Metroid! i want Metroid Prime 2!
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