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  1. Hey guys, I have a problem with my windows search tool. Everytime I click it, 1) it doesn't open, and 2) it freezes my taskbar (when I scroll over it I get the hourglass animation). I have done a virus scan, and full windows updates, do you have any Idea in how to fix this? Would you think I would have to repair windows?
  2. Do you know of anything thats incorperated into windows that allows me to resize pictures to really small sizes (low kb), without fully distorting the pciture?
  3. how about for internet exploror 6? (btw ty for the help)
  4. How do you set it in internet explorer that it saves past typed history information (like in registration etc.)
  5. ya he got the issue fixed. Some driver problems thanks
  6. I think he got it working. Thanks to those who helped
  7. ok guys, my friends sound starts to echo when he closes WoW, but when he opens it it's fine. Any suggestions in why this happens??
  8. Do you want like a picture with all your info in it? or a list of your parts just written down in a column Tomo?
  9. haha, hey I would, but I hate buying things over the net.
  10. Ya I know what you mean about wierd formats. For videos I have to change it to like 3gp format.
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