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  1. Hey guys! ZoneAlarm pretty much snafu'd on me yesterday, so I would like to try a different firewall. I'm looking for something that is as powerful (or close therein) to ZoneAlarm, is easy on system resources, and is not from Microsoft, McAfee, or Norton. Thanks for the help guys! Edit: Anything with a demo version would be a plus.
  2. Ok... wtf? I bought C&C Generals + Zero Hour and it works fine on my laptop. However, it will not run on my desktop. My specs exceed the recommendations. When I try to run the games, it freezes @ the splash screen and I have to use the task manager to end both "generals.exe" and "game.dat" (which locks up 50% cpu, btw). I've spent months & months trying with EA's tech support. They ultimately told me it was a problem that required me to wipe & reload. ( I dont think so). After some fumbling, I managed to get Generals (not exp pak) to run through Windows 2000 in VMWare, but I still cannot get Zero Hour to work. AND EVEN when I got my new HDD, i did a totally clean install of XP there, and neither generals nor ZeroHour would run on that either. Help me please!
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