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  1. Ok... wtf? I bought C&C Generals + Zero Hour and it works fine on my laptop. However, it will not run on my desktop. My specs exceed the recommendations. When I try to run the games, it freezes @ the splash screen and I have to use the task manager to end both "generals.exe" and "game.dat" (which locks up 50% cpu, btw). I've spent months & months trying with EA's tech support. They ultimately told me it was a problem that required me to wipe & reload. ( I dont think so). After some fumbling, I managed to get Generals (not exp pak) to run through Windows 2000 in VMWare, but I still cannot get Zero Hour to work. AND EVEN when I got my new HDD, i did a totally clean install of XP there, and neither generals nor ZeroHour would run on that either. Help me please!
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