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  1. Very nice! I like the Phanteks case. What cooler are you running?
  2. First post from the new PC, woo! I'll post some more pictures after I get all of the additional cabling cleaned up. But for now, it still scores well in 3DMark - 18,326 in Fire Strike and 13,678 in Time Spy.
  3. Yep. All your fault. They're in my desktop, my router, my NAS, my new PC, and I've even done swaps in the Seasonic SFX PSU's I have scattered around. They've got a truly superb record - it's been 10 years since that contest, and I've installed dozens and dozens of fans, run them through hundreds of thousands of hours of service, and only one has ever needed replacing.
  4. The pump is quiet, same as with my previous H100i cooler. I never use Corsair's fans, though. I understand that the ones that come with the H150i are supposed to be extremely quiet, but at the cost of low pressure and air movement. Ever since chc got me hooked on the Noctua's, they're all I use now. I have three NF-F12 PWM fans, running max speed/intake on the Corsair radiator, to keep positive pressure in the case.
  5. When all is said and done, it'll be to the side of my desk, so it won't be shining directly at me. Plus, I've changed it to more of an ocean blue cycle for the moment... The rainbows are more for show. The new CPU cooler got delivered today, and I also put in the sound card and the hard drives (WD Gold 4TB's), though they won't be connected until I'm ready to move the RAID card out of my current workstation. All that's really left is for me to go through and finish tweaking Windows 10.
  6. Hrmmm... how about now? We're stuck in the snow, so I've had lots of free time today. I've still got several parts on order (including a new CPU cooler due to be released at/after CES) and more tidying up to do, but I figure it'll probably take me about two weeks of fiddling to get Windows 10 to the point where it doesn't tick me off, so it should all balance out. So, here we go... first impressions are important!
  7. I have to go back to work tomorrow, so this might be one of the last teasers...
  8. Well, I did opt to not get the $900+ Phanteks Enthoo Elite case..
  9. No, definitely not. 32GB is a good starting point for me, and I can always get more or change DIMM sizes if I really need to.
  10. That CPU is far too neutered, lol. Also, I am planning to keep my current GTX1080 cards in SLI. I might consider the bump to a set of GTX1080 Ti's, if I were able to find a decent monitor model for less than $750, but no such luck in the 4 months or so I've been looking.
  11. Just one, lol... got it on sale. Planning to have some hard drives in RAID-10 to make up the bulk of the space.
  12. Yes! Still making the last few part selections and awaiting shipments, so you'll have to live with more teasing for now.
  13. Not quite yet. A lot of our web applications are moving away from it, but many still use flash heavily or as a go-between piece.
  14. 5,000+ people sharing the connection at peak evening hours, lol. I could only squeeze but so much through. Work is 2Gb up/down, with a hard limit of 1Gb, based on our routing setup.
  15. At Work (it's a little slower right now because classes are in-session): At Home:
  16. It looks gold and white to me, on my calibrated U2412M displays. The original dress is undoubtedly blue and black, but the posted image's exposure is so far out of balance, that it looks white and gold to me in its original form. A very weird conundrum, lol.
  17. Yep. I wouldn't trade them for anything else! There are at least 9 in my main rig, 4 in my NAS, 4 in my media PC, and 3 in my router. I've even modified my Seasonic SFX PSU's to use Noctua fans. They rock!
  18. Only two. Excuse the cables, they are not as neat since my case is without window.
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