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  1. Make sure to check out the entire GeForce 8800 series line of reviews covering the 8800 GTX and 8800 GTS released today over here: http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=1000 We at Bjorn3d.com all worked very hard as a team to make this rollout a hit!
  2. I was waiting at SEATAC to fly back home. Bad day for flying. Sadly, thousands died just so our president could play bait and switch with Afghanstan. On top of all that he disregards the Geneva Conventions and all sorts of torture camps spring up. This month The New York Times has shared a few headlines with secret prison camps and such, and to top it off we as a nation have managed to prove that we are in fact less then innocent.
  3. Are you serious? That's maybe two hours worth of posting for the whole month. As for the rest of you: Hurry up and get involved in this contest! 50 Posts is nothing at all!!! There are so many discussions you could easily post at least five replies each visit. So far, one week in and there are less then 20 contestants! Your chance of winning looks very good!
  4. http://www.bjorn3d.com/forum/showpost.php?p=42835&postcount=1 This months contest is going to consist of a lottery. To enter the lottery you must meet 2 requirements. 1. Post at least 50 post in the forums 2. Partake in our Folding at Home Team. Information on the Folding @ Home Team and how to can be found here: http://www.bjorn3d.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9230 If you already now how to Fold then the team # is 41608. You must Fold under your Forum name to qualify. Ok down to the prizes. Grand Prize: A Matched Set of XFX 7900GT's for SLI (Shipped anywhere in the world, BUT winner must pay any duty or custom taxes.) Runnerup drawing prizes: 1 Mushkin HP-550 Watt PSU’s (Shipped to USA or Canada) 3 Runnerups will get the following: Vehicle Modeling In 3dsmax http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=13 High Poly Characters in Maya http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=14 Interior Room Series 3dsmax http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=12 Zbrush Head Sculpting http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=22 The DVD's can go to winners anywhere in the world. Now for the drawings. 3 drawings will take take place for all people that met the guidlines. Drawing will take place on the 1st of October after we have put all the contestants names in the bowl. The first drawing will take place in the AM and will be for the SLI set, the second drawing will be around noon for the power supply and the drawing for the DVDs will be in the evening. Now for the bonus plug, for each 100 work units completed in the month for the Folding @ Home you will get an additional lottery ticket with name on it put in the bowl upping your chances to win. Good luck to all!! Scott
  5. I wonder if Lazih3nri found a solution before we started posting the reply? Let us know Lazih3nri!
  6. I heard my name mentioned!!! Yay!!! But not a winner, so someone wish me better luck next time. I will be looking for my free popcorn!!!
  7. Did you remove some games as well??? It looks like I am no longer champ of that bunny squishing game.
  8. This does not help the case for Wikipedia being a legit source of solid factual info.
  9. With your present hardware you will find it difficult to play BF2. You may be able to install it (comes on DVD or CD's) but you will have to play it with every video setting on "low". Even then, it won't be running at more then 30FPS. 2GB or RAM and at least a 9600GTX (AGP) are going to be the best you could do on your current motherboard.
  10. You sound as bad as me. I have just got the artic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev 3 for my 7900GT and I marveled at the engineering. Ten seconds later I am picking it apart, and looking for ways that they could have done it better.
  11. Doesn't it have the rubbery underside coating to keep it in place?
  12. And these are the DESKTOP boards. All of the server boards have five-digit chipsets, so try keeping up with that kind of system.
  13. I'll be waiting for that review unit, since I did start the thread and break the news.
  14. Exactly! I have two friends who have each bought the X-Box 360 and have already had to return it at least once. One of them has returned it three times.
  15. The Contenders Nyko: Reduce the internal operating temperature of the 360 while prolonging the consoles lifespan. The Intercooler 360 is a snap on cooling attachment that easily connects to the Xbox 360 to significantly reduce the internal heat of the console. The Intercooler 360 provides increased air flow throughout the 360 which allows the internal circuitry to perform at cooler temperatures and last longer. No internal modification of the Xbox 360 is required. A pass through power connection utilizes the existing Xbox 360 power supply negating the need for an extra AC adaptor. The unit also powers on and off automatically with 360 and the intercoolers small size will fit in tight spaces like entertainment centers with your 360 displayed in either horizontal or vertical format. Pelican: Cool down your 360 with Pelican's innovative functional Fan Stand. This unique stand gives the 360 added stability when standing and extends the life cycle of sensitive IC and other heat sensitive components. Both products we are reviewing today retail for less than $20 at most major retailers. Cited: http://console.hardocp.com/article.html?ar...CxoY29uc29sZQ== Doesn't anyone over at Microsoft think it's odd that there is now an entire market in place that sells products to keep the X-Box 360 cool enough to play games without crashing?
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