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  1. Make sure to check out the entire GeForce 8800 series line of reviews covering the 8800 GTX and 8800 GTS released today over here: http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=1000 We at Bjorn3d.com all worked very hard as a team to make this rollout a hit!
  2. I was waiting at SEATAC to fly back home. Bad day for flying. Sadly, thousands died just so our president could play bait and switch with Afghanstan. On top of all that he disregards the Geneva Conventions and all sorts of torture camps spring up. This month The New York Times has shared a few headlines with secret prison camps and such, and to top it off we as a nation have managed to prove that we are in fact less then innocent.
  3. Are you serious? That's maybe two hours worth of posting for the whole month. As for the rest of you: Hurry up and get involved in this contest! 50 Posts is nothing at all!!! There are so many discussions you could easily post at least five replies each visit. So far, one week in and there are less then 20 contestants! Your chance of winning looks very good!
  4. http://www.bjorn3d.com/forum/showpost.php?p=42835&postcount=1 This months contest is going to consist of a lottery. To enter the lottery you must meet 2 requirements. 1. Post at least 50 post in the forums 2. Partake in our Folding at Home Team. Information on the Folding @ Home Team and how to can be found here: http://www.bjorn3d.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9230 If you already now how to Fold then the team # is 41608. You must Fold under your Forum name to qualify. Ok down to the prizes. Grand Prize: A Matched Set of XFX 7900GT's for SLI (Shipped anywhere in the world, BUT winner must pay any duty or custom taxes.) Runnerup drawing prizes: 1 Mushkin HP-550 Watt PSU’s (Shipped to USA or Canada) 3 Runnerups will get the following: Vehicle Modeling In 3dsmax http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=13 High Poly Characters in Maya http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=14 Interior Room Series 3dsmax http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=12 Zbrush Head Sculpting http://www.3dgamics.com/index.php?ac...d&productId=22 The DVD's can go to winners anywhere in the world. Now for the drawings. 3 drawings will take take place for all people that met the guidlines. Drawing will take place on the 1st of October after we have put all the contestants names in the bowl. The first drawing will take place in the AM and will be for the SLI set, the second drawing will be around noon for the power supply and the drawing for the DVDs will be in the evening. Now for the bonus plug, for each 100 work units completed in the month for the Folding @ Home you will get an additional lottery ticket with name on it put in the bowl upping your chances to win. Good luck to all!! Scott
  5. I wonder if Lazih3nri found a solution before we started posting the reply? Let us know Lazih3nri!
  6. I heard my name mentioned!!! Yay!!! But not a winner, so someone wish me better luck next time. I will be looking for my free popcorn!!!
  7. Did you remove some games as well??? It looks like I am no longer champ of that bunny squishing game.
  8. This does not help the case for Wikipedia being a legit source of solid factual info.
  9. With your present hardware you will find it difficult to play BF2. You may be able to install it (comes on DVD or CD's) but you will have to play it with every video setting on "low". Even then, it won't be running at more then 30FPS. 2GB or RAM and at least a 9600GTX (AGP) are going to be the best you could do on your current motherboard.
  10. You sound as bad as me. I have just got the artic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev 3 for my 7900GT and I marveled at the engineering. Ten seconds later I am picking it apart, and looking for ways that they could have done it better.
  11. Doesn't it have the rubbery underside coating to keep it in place?
  12. And these are the DESKTOP boards. All of the server boards have five-digit chipsets, so try keeping up with that kind of system.
  13. I'll be waiting for that review unit, since I did start the thread and break the news.
  14. Exactly! I have two friends who have each bought the X-Box 360 and have already had to return it at least once. One of them has returned it three times.
  15. The Contenders Nyko: Reduce the internal operating temperature of the 360 while prolonging the consoles lifespan. The Intercooler 360 is a snap on cooling attachment that easily connects to the Xbox 360 to significantly reduce the internal heat of the console. The Intercooler 360 provides increased air flow throughout the 360 which allows the internal circuitry to perform at cooler temperatures and last longer. No internal modification of the Xbox 360 is required. A pass through power connection utilizes the existing Xbox 360 power supply negating the need for an extra AC adaptor. The unit also powers on and off automatically with 360 and the intercoolers small size will fit in tight spaces like entertainment centers with your 360 displayed in either horizontal or vertical format. Pelican: Cool down your 360 with Pelican's innovative functional Fan Stand. This unique stand gives the 360 added stability when standing and extends the life cycle of sensitive IC and other heat sensitive components. Both products we are reviewing today retail for less than $20 at most major retailers. Cited: http://console.hardocp.com/article.html?ar...CxoY29uc29sZQ== Doesn't anyone over at Microsoft think it's odd that there is now an entire market in place that sells products to keep the X-Box 360 cool enough to play games without crashing?
  16. Next-generation Merom notebook processor is going to be releasing in the last week of Aug 2006 (may be 24/8). With the same Intel Core architecture, Merom shares the exactly name with Conroe, called Core 2 Duo. There is no longer a difference on the naming between Desktop and Mobile processor. Smaller Form Factor is the future trend, which mean Desktop and Mobile will no longer be separated. The change in naming would help Intel to push the MoDT(Mobile on Desktop) market, where Santa Rosa platform is one of the plan. There are 3 naming branch among Merom according to its power consumption, Normal “T”(TDP 25-49W), Low Voltage “L”(TDP 15-24W) and Ultra Low Voltage “U”(TDP >14W). Merom is also separated into two series, 7000 and 5000 series. They are mainly different in the size of L2 Cache. Most of the 7000 series has 4MB L2 Shared Cache, while the 5000 family just has got 2M. Ultra Low Voltage Merom is an exception, where it has only 2M L2 Cache version and will also be named in 7000 series. Merom would exist with Mobile Intel 945 Express and Socket M when it comes. As Yonah is already with VRM11, the existing Centrino Napa platform would support Merom by upgrading the BIOS as well. In the next Santa Rosa platform, which is a replacement of “Napa Refresh”, Crestline northbridge is introduced together with ICH8M. At that time, Merom will fully support 800MHz FSB but Socket M has been made supported. The replacement to Socket M would be Socket P, also in 478 pin but not compatible with Socket M processor. Without technical improvement, such change is just a marketing decision to make Yonah to fall out of use in Santa Rosa platform. Manufacturers are complained about the change that would make money loss by increased pressure on storage. They are now urging Intel to cancel the decision, making Socket M be available in Santa Rosa platform. Socket P Merom includes Core 2 Duo T7700(2.4GHz/4MB L2/800MHz FSB), T7500(2.2GHz/4MB L2/800MHz FSB), T7300(2.0GHz/4MB L2/800MHz FSB), T7000(1.8GHz/4MB L2/800MHz FSB), T5500P(1.66GHz/4MB L2/667MHz FSB)P, L7500(1.6GHz/4MB L2/800MHz FSB) and L7300(1.4GHz/4MB L2/800MHz FSB). They are going to be releasing together with Santa Rosa platform, according to NB Roadmap 2007. Cited: http://www.hkepc.com/bbs/news.php?tid=6236...0&endtime=0 Conversely, AMD is cutting back their CPU cache's while Intel grows theirs. I wonder what the end-result will be for each chip maker? :confused:
  17. Mainstream Core 2 Duo platform Intel is expected to launch a pair of new mainstream chipsets next week on July 3, 2006. The Intel 946GZ and 946PL will be updates to the current 945 Express family of chipsets. It will support Intel Core 2 Duo and Pentium D processors with front-side buses up to 800 MHz. This is perfectly fine for mainstream PC users as mainstream Core 2 (specifically the C2D E4200) and Pentium D processors are limited to an 800 MHz front-side bus. Dual-channel DDR2-533/667 memory is supported like previous 945 Express chipsets. The difference between 946GZ and 946PL Express will be the integrated graphics core on the 946GZ Express. While Intel is ready to unveil its G965 Express with a brand new GMA X3000 graphics core the 946GZ will be stuck with the existing GMA 950. 946GZ and 946PL Express chipsets will also support one PCI Express x16 graphics slot. Motherboard manufacturers are expected to pair the 946GZ and 946PL Express family of chipsets with the existing ICH7 instead of the ICH8 recently introduced with Broadwater. Intel Matrix Storage Technology with support for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 will be supported across four SATA II ports. With the announcement only a few days away, expect availability in the upcoming month or two. Pricing should be around $100, similar to current 945PL and 945G motherboards. Cited: http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=2905 More cousins for the Intel 94x series. These should be nice for SMB's looking to build a powerful peer-to-peer server or small application server. ;-)
  18. OCZ today announced the PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 Edition, a special extremist series of modules specifically geared towards the high-end overclocking community. Carrying on the OCZ Voltage eXtreme (VX) legacy, the PC2-8000 Ti Alpha is the first high-voltage DDR2 product that offers enthusiasts the performance edge they crave. With the arrival of AM2 CPU technology and the impending release of Intel Conroe, the high-speed Ti Alpha VX2 is an unparalleled memory solution for the latest DDR2 platforms. As a member of the Voltage eXtreme family, the PC2-8000 Ti Alpha VX2 is designed to operate at a high voltage in order to increase the speed while maintaining stability that is usually unobtainable when conventional modules are pushed to run at a higher voltage. At DDR2-1000, the Ti Alpha VX2 supports ultra-low timings of 4-4-4 at 2.3 volts without any adverse affects to stability whatsoever. The result is unrivaled DDR2 performance. No price was mentioned, so I suppose we will wait and see if the competition tries to saturate this market and keep the prices down for us. 8-)
  19. DailyTech has managed to get a hold of an AMD engineering chip labeled "Athlon 64 X2 3600+ for AM2." According to CPU-Z, the processor is a 2.0GHz CPU, the same as the Athlon 64 Windsor 3800+. However, half of the L2 cache has been disabled effectively making this AMD's first dual-core processor with a total of 512KB of L2 cache. AMD recently discontinued all of its 2x1MB L2 cache processors less than two weeks after the processors were announced. This may be an indicator that low-bin Athlon 64 X2 processors will instead transition to 2x256KB cache configurations, instead of the 2x512KB parts that were previously the low-bin. However, since the CPU is only an engineering sample, it’s not easy to determine if AMD will even publically announce the CPU, or if it will simply become an OEM-only component for high quantity system builders like the original Socket 939 Semprons. CPU-Z shows the Athlon 64 X2 3600+ to still sport the Windsor CPU core, the same CPU core that was used for the 2x1MB and is still used for the 2x512KB AM2 processors. HKEPC has also come across the 3600+, claiming it will ship in Q4'06 for a price of $139 to $159. Given that AMD is expected to announce major CPU price cuts near the end of July, the $139 price tag fits in with the rest of AMD's pricing. Intel's lowest-bin Conroe, the 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo processor, is expected to ship with a price of around $183. In contrast, the 3.0GHz Presler NetBurst processor is expected to hover around $133 at the same time HKEPC claims the X2 3600+ may ship. Cited: http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=3099 Price cuts aside, I can't see the benefit in doing this. Less is more?
  20. Sadly, this is true. I like to help people with their tech problems in forums. They seem much more appreciative then some of my clients. Although maybe they should be nicer, since they are getting it for free.
  21. I don't get the Google reference. Did you use Google to help prove it is spam? I just knew it was spam based on his message, the fact that I have seen it three times before, and he has one post.
  22. Trolling spambot aphnetworks.com. You have hit too many forums with this exact post already.
  23. Now I am not much a C++ coder, but I know my encryption coding. Adding two values to eery ASCII value seems like a very breakable encryption meathod. Know if you were to create a random linear code value to scramble the ASCII data using an algarythm, that would be a step better. Encryption comes in two varieties, bad and good. Only the top 5% is any good, everything else can be broken in minutes.
  24. How about you put it on a track and give us a link. The lyrics look fine, but you know that how it is laid out is always going to matter more then how it reads.
  25. Apple has released an updated version of its QuickTime client. QuickTime 7.1.2 addresses an issue previewing iDVD projects. This update is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users. http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime712.html
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