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  1. No, it is for all models. I submitted using the S/N from one of my Raptors.
  2. I am with you there. I hate the idea, but love the prizes. Speaking of which, I am not posting these contests here as a comparison, I am posting them as a suppliment. APH is a great place, regardless of contests or prizes. I like it here, and expect to be an active member here as long as it is possible. APH for life!
  3. Hey, it's your site. You should be telling us.
  4. This is what I just saw: Our members have made a total of 37,347 posts We have 146 registered members Most users ever online was 321 on May 5 2006, 12:39 AM How can we have had 321 users online, when we only have 146 members?
  5. July Post Like a Mad Man Contest!! http://www.bjorn3d.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8729 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I am trying to bring some more new members to the site so we are having a post like a madman contest. So as you guessed the folks with the most post will be the winners. Of coarse 1 line SPAM does not count. So here are the rules. Everyone in the USA, Canada and Europe are eligible this time around. Also all of last months winners can play in July. I am such a nice guy Oh yeah the prizes. 1st Place: XFX 7900GT VIVO 2nd Place: XFX 7600GT 3rd Place: XFX Headset and Mic, and XFX Gamepad So I hope that is enough to get you guys posting!!
  6. Western Digital settles capacity dispute MICHAEL LIEDTKE Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO - Western Digital Corp. is offering free software to about 1 million consumers to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that its computer hard drives stored less material than promised - a discrepancy stemming from high-tech's different standards for sizing up digital data. Under the settlement announced Tuesday, Western Digital will give away software designed to back up and recover computer files to anyone who bought one of the company's disk drives from March 22, 2001, through Feb. 15 of this year. To get the software, the 1 million eligible consumers must register their claims before July 16 at http://www.wdc.com/settlement. The settlement, approved earlier this month by U.S. Magistrate Judge Bernard Zimmerman in San Francisco, pegs the software's retail value at $30 per copy. Consumers paid an average of $150 for the hard drives covered in the suit. Besides buying the software for consumers, Western Digital has agreed to pay $500,000 in fees and expenses to San Francisco lawyers Adam Gutride and Seth Safier, who filed the suit last year. The proposed legal fees still require court approval. Lake Forest, Calif.-based Western Digital believes the suit's allegations are unfounded, but decided to settle to avoid a potentially expensive legal battle, said company spokesman Steve Shattuck. A similar lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court by the same lawyers, is still pending against another top disk drive maker, Seagate Technology. The dispute over hard-drive capacity illuminates the contradictory methods for measuring the bits and bytes that devour a computer's memory. Microsoft Corp. and Apple Computer Inc., which make the operating systems for most personal computers, use a binary system to measure kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes while most disk drive manufacturers like Western Digital derive their calculations from the more-familiar decimal system. That means Microsoft's Windows systems interprets a gigabyte as 1.07 billion bytes - more than the 1 billion bytes adopted by Western Digital and many other hard drive makers. The difference can add up to a substantial gap between what's promised on a hard drive's packaging and what gets stored on a personal computer. The lawsuit against Western Digital alleged the company's 80-gigabyte hard drive had an actual capacity of 74.4 gigabytes. If not for that 7 percent shortfall, the buyer could have stored an additional 80 hours of digital music or 5,600 digital pictures, the suit claimed. Most hard drive makers warn that the storage capacity listed on the package might not be fully accessible. The Western Digital settlement requires the company to include a similar disclaimer within six months after the agreement becomes final.
  7. In 2005, I ordered $24,597 is merchandise from NewEgg.com. Tell me how I could be your middleman in a PM.
  8. PM me your idea. If it wins, I will use your address to ship the prize. The same goes for anyone else.
  9. Create a T-Shirt Design and win a Modified Silent Storm Case! We're looking for your creative T-Shirt Designs. The winner of the design will receive a Modified Silent Storm Case. No purchase necessary to enter. We're accepting T-Shirt designs from June 26, 2006 through July 26, 2006. Don't wait though, submit your design now. The winner will be announced July To enter the "T-Shirt Contest" Click Here. Qualifying submissions will be displayed in the Gallery. Sponsored by CrazyPC.com http://www.crazypc.com/other/misc/promos/tshirtmain.htm
  10. Ooops! I'm sorry to mislead anyone. $47.99 is the least expensive price you can find the G5 here in the US.
  11. You will be surprised at how fast I learn of news and pass it on; especially software. Oh, and I think we still need a contests section in the forum.
  12. How about $47.99 shipped? http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...st=pricegrabber
  13. Simply fill out your information and enter to win an Everglide Monstermat - DKT Edition. Go to: http://www.everglide.com/index.php?option=...r&Itemid=39 By the way, there should be a "contests" forum.
  14. I have used all of the above mentioned programs, and I would not recommend them; especially Adobe Premier. CyberLink PowerDirector and Ulead Videostudio are both very easy programs. If you become a little more experienced, you could step up to Sony Vegas Video.
  15. You would need to go into your device manager, and uninstall about 7-14 hardware drivers throughout IDE controllers, SCSI controllers, System Devices, and USB controllers just to completely remove the chipset drivers. Wait a minute, forget I told you that. You should not go and do this. I am done beating a dead horse.
  16. Three people have all taken time to explain this to you already. I will say it again, in a different way: The driver package is only 1.5Mb, and the average chipset has 16Kb worth of drivers. You have already installed your chipset drivers in the past, and this new package has the same exact drivers you had before. Because there is nothing new to install, it skips you right to the end.
  17. I lived in Toyko for two years, and while I saw many exotic cars, not one of them were the ricers depicted in this movie. I think it is Asian-Americans who started the trend here in the states because everything is so cheap. Tricking out a car like you see in the movie would cost so much more in Japan, and on top of it all you would still have to pass the very difficult JAF inspections.
  18. Yes, for years now Intel has forced its consumers to feel as though their products are outdated by extending their chipset numbers by tens every time a new build comes out. For example, In 1998 the 440 chipset was hot; and in 2001 the 810 chipset was popular. That's a 400-number difference inside three years. Intel must have seen a brick wall coming, because for the past four years they have released more chipsets but only made small version number changes. We all assume the 980, 985, 990, and 995 will all be next. But will it? Or will Intel go big and just start numbering at warp speed again and things will go from 1000 to 1100 on the next? Thank about it.
  19. How about: Congratulations! This is a public contest; meaning that I wasn't here on your forum to help people with problems and make posts before the contest. Now that I know APH exists, I can help people with my posts. Oh, and another thing: the contest states "EVERY 5 non-spam posts AFTER entering your contest will be ONE additional entry. If we caught you posting spam, every single spam post will minus one entry off you." I just read through this three page post in under one minute. Why? Because half the posts were one sentence, and the other half were under three words. Great example you are all giving. I wonder what constitutes spam if your posts don't?
  20. What I meant was that this new version came out to support the new chipsets. The older chipsets are still included in the package, as they always have been.
  21. For one, process cycles operate in 64-bit strings of data per cycle, versus 32-bits per cycle. This should make some software get processed faster, or rather large kernel software should be processed faster. Total amount of system RAM limit is raised from 4GB* to 8GB*. Otherwise, most other changes are transparent.
  22. I would recommend using these chipset drivers over the ones that came with Windows. ajschwab2004: thanks for posting the info. If you had already installed the version 7.x drivers then this won't change anything. You would either install these from a clean install or use them for the newer chipsets.
  23. I don't see that it mentions that anywhere. It says 965 chipset.
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