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  1. Intel released their new INF Chipset driver package a few minutes ago. Download the Official release (not a beta) here for your 963/965 Intel motherboard: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/df-support...finst_autol.exe
  2. You could nearly consider me an expert on this subject. I play(ed) BF2 competitivly in prize and money leagues... and boy did I learn some performance tricks. Note: With each patch the video configuration settings are reset to default (Medium for everything). First: In BF2 there are two video settings that make more of an impact then all of the others combined. They are Terrain and Lighting. I recommend never going beyond med for terrain and low for lighting; no matter what video card you own. Sure my systems can play everything on the "High" settings, but then I would see shadows when I want to see the enemy. My custom recipe sheet for the BF2 video settings is this: Terrain = med Effects = low Geometry = high Texture = high Lighting = low Dyn Shadows = med Dyn Light = med AA = off Text Filter = high I get over 100 FPS full time in the game with these settings. While in-game, go to your console using the "~" key, and type in "renderer.drawfps 1". It will show FPS and time between frames in ms. Here is my Video Options screen showing the competition settings: Remember that "renderer.drawfps 1" displays the current frames per second (FPS) and the time in milliseconds between frames in the upper left corner of the screen. References were all done on 16-player size Karkand, MEC side, get into tank without moving anything, and taking the screen shot using a 1280x1024 screen resolution. Here is the LOWEST SETTINGS 100FPS reference screen shot: Here is the COMPETITION SETTINGS 100FPS reference screen shot: Here is the HIGHEST SETTINGS (with highest AA) 37FPS reference screen shot: Now keep in mind, this is on my old overclocked ATI X800 GT, which still posts 100FPS with the competition settings. Obviously my SLI 7900GTX's will post much faster FPS speeds, but that's not the point of these settings. You will notice major differences in how objects stand out with the competitive settings. Try them and see for yourself.
  3. Sun has been busy at work with new releases for Java Standard Edition. They just release v5.0 Update 7 two weeks ago, and now they are releasing v6.0 Beta 2. Download here: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/download.jsp You saw it here first!
  4. I'm just curious; I have built hundreds of high-end systems, and it wasn't until very recently that I felt like giving it up. Has anyone else had luck as bad as I did on this project? About three months ago I had a client want a D830 system with SLI 7900 GT's. Okay, fine. I shared with him the pro's and con's of the various components, we compromised, and I started ordering the parts. Generally, I give clients a 5-day turnaround. This would turn out to be a bad decision. The first problems began when both the BFG GeForce 7900 GT's arrived. The retail box was prestine, however the plastic inner holding box was a bit roughed up. Both of these cards would be found to have missing/broken away surface joined capacitors. Fine, RMA them and add one week. Next came the Raptor 150GB gaming hard drive. It began fine, but about an hour into loading the O/S it locked solid (onfirmed via see-through window). Fine, contact WD and get a replacement. Add two weeks. Then once the next set of BFG GeForce 7900 GT's arrived, to my very surprise, the exact same problem was seen: capacitors rolling around inside a perfect retail box. F*ing fine! Research the card and find that I am with the majority on the problem. RMA, substiture eVGA card instead. Next came the motherboard. It uses Realtek's High Definition Audio. Unfortunatly, only the latest driver from Realtek (whom I must add has realeased six driver revisions for their hardware from the start of this project to the end of the entire nightmare one month later) will keep this system from seeing BSOD's. Finally, I get the WD Raptor in and all looks well. The eVGA 7900 GT's are in and look good. The system has a solid O/S and has been overclocked to 3.6GHz without additional voltage or cooling. It's even running the DDR2 at 800MHz without a problem. Then, without any warning, during an hour of FEAR demo testing the 600w power supply goes up in smoke. I swear, getting a deposit on this system was the only thing that went right. Thankfully the client was understanding (but only believed me after I showed him all of the RMA forms and smoked PSU). Share your horror stories. :faint:
  5. Please use the appropriate link below to access the download site for the language and edition you want: English 32-Bit: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/b...86/download.htm English 64-Bit: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/b...64/download.htm German 32-Bit: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/b...86/download.htm German 64-Bit: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/b...64/download.htm Japanese 32-Bit: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/b...86/download.htm Japanese 64-Bit: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/b...64/download.htm Due to the size of the download we recommend you use the Download Manager provided as it will allow you to resume the download if your Internet connection is interrupted during the process.
  6. I play in competitve leagues (CAL, TWL, and WT) for BF2.
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