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  1. I pefer Star Wars any day than lord of the rings. LOTR really bored me out and is in my opinion a knock off of an Medevil RPG movie.
  2. I'm back as well! i mean where the heck have i been?! well i havn't had much time to do anything here as well as iv'e been busy with other forums and my own personal website as well.
  3. Shuin


    Sure it may have better GFX (PS/PS2) than PSP but it's portable! i mean it's like a GBA only it's a Playstation! that is more convinent than it is enjoyable
  4. Shuin


    Ya think you'll get it, i probaly will if i ever save up enough money, but er... i already saw the first game for it and the color definition really bothers me
  5. Lord of the Rings, i mean starwars is good n' all but ... er.. the lightsaber thing really itches me and i mean there not even real swords, PLUS, Lord of the rings has an epic storyline and they travel in a group ( magic, swords, classes ) not like starwars where it's the same thing all the time, defeat the darkside BOOOORING
  6. If i had some sort of motivation or incentive to join maybe i would, but just because it's about anime i'm not. APH forums are much better than that one
  7. Yea i saw this one earlier in the development, but it looks pretty good so far, great work ty!
  8. Photoshop CS for Flash if i ever get around to trying it out, but usualy 7.0
  9. I download anime movies, but my parents usualy rent movies, we bought like 5 DVD's that we liked but that's about it
  10. Well, i would probaly have to say New England Patriots but that's just for football
  11. Liberals all the way, I voted for Hugh Mcdonald, he really has a good view on alot of things
  12. Some books are good, i write some sometimes myself ya know But i personaly enjoy videogames over any of them (Final Fantasy and RPG Fan in General)
  13. Well my dad really likes football and hockey, but i personaly don't go for sports so much, i like wrestling and football heh, lots of vilonce
  14. Shuin


    Spam is just a nice way to announce your an idiot
  15. PS2 N64 GBC GC And i can't believe the DS, i mean an extra screen? oh wow, only good for things like ' Legend of Zelda ' but PS2 has alota good games, man i want SOTEOT so badly, but PS3 is comin out in like 2006 i think, meh so many new systems
  16. Err.. Linkin Park is a Rock Band, Eminem failed Grade 9 Three times
  17. Stat building RPG element, meh it's not that great according to me, but you might all like it, it gets boring after awhile when a game has no ends to it
  18. I like alota bands so ill just list them -Billy tallent -The trews -Slipknot -Boa -Utada Hikaru -Eminem -The Ramones -Linkin Park (#1) and alot more but i can't rememeber them all at this moment
  19. Alot yea, i got FF games ranging from VII-TA (VII VIII X X-2 T TA) I also got GTA III, i played it for a bit and got tired of it, i gotta get my hands on San Andreas, ah well
  20. Meh, I heard Halo 2 was really good, but err... i don't got an X-box sadly, meh i'll get it soon enough, looks pretty cool though
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