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  1. Basshunter Mr.Oizo - Flat beat havnt heard tiesto gunna have to hear some of his stuff
  2. Basshunter is the aphnetworks.com dont talk aphnetworks.com about him!
  3. Zelda is a awesome game...than redsteel as i said b4 looks like ps1 graphics....excite truck looks rly cool but than again the Wii is not meant for graphics its more like a btr vitual acrade console like DDR lol
  4. trust get a 360 way btr u wont regret it!!!
  5. yah i tried the Wii and Zelda its pretty awesome so fun i got a workout from it but that wasn't the only game i tried i tried red steel but the graphics sucked like ps1 graphics but it was still fun and challenging just to get used to the controls but every other game than that was really fun ....i wanted to try the ps3 at my friends house but his already broke lmao @ SONY ... but uhh sony might still have a chance its only the beginning so we cant really judge anyhting right now we gotta see wat these 3 amazing consoles put out on the market! lol idk if youve guys seen this but its really funny www.smashmy360.com www.smashmyps3.com www.smashmyWii.com really funny especially the ps3 one kuz of the guy who was jus pissed off
  6. 360 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGZORRRRRRRRRRRRRRZ
  7. lawl @ u modem noob 2 bad i could pwn u in that game anyday hahaah
  8. All i know is that the xbox360 is 499$ and ps3 is 699$ and Wii is like 400$ or sumthin like that......... but if i were you people i would go all the way with xbox360!!!!!!
  9. as you said "consumed by that thing for life" so im saying that your life is all about computers
  10. Yeah Xonia my xbox360 turned to poo, because every time i turned it on (you know how the rings go green in a circle well mine did that but near the end it would go red and a black screen popped up giving me a number and to call the xbox support so instead i had a warranty on it so i got a new one p.s. i returned 1 of my broken headsets and got a free new one ps3 is brutal P.S. Xonia you better get a new xbox360 now because you only have 3 more months left until your warranty is done for I just read in the paper today that xbox360 is coming out with a HD DVD that will be a accessorie for your xbox360 and is estimated around 100$...and then it said that it would be pointless to get a ps3 when you can just buy xbox360 and the HD DVD instead of getting a Blu-Ray with the ps3 p.s. some customers that have bought the HD DVD for the x360 said "it was like having a movie theatre right in your living room"
  11. K...well i guess your a geek aswell!!! because you are "claimed" into Computers & Technology!
  12. there is no geekyness in MMORPG its just a game like any other games(FPS,RTS etc.)... so its like calling all the APH members Geeks because all you guys talk about are Computers... so no we are not geeks we just like MMORPG's.
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