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  1. Herbicious

    2010 Desktops

    Looks deadly!
  2. Herbicious

    New cell phone for shc-boomer from HK

    Nice phone, 720p video is definitely something that perks up my ears. How are you liking Android?
  3. Herbicious

    My Command Center

    Need some posters? Asides from that it looks pretty sweet. A nice perfect little cyber cave.
  4. Herbicious

    Calgary Weather in April/May

    Hahahahahaha if I could like this post, I would.
  5. Herbicious

    Exercising Methods

    Go to the hospital's fitness center for now, while you're clearing out space for a home gym. Home gyms are always good.
  6. Herbicious

    Happy Everything!

    Merry Christmas friends, have a good one
  7. Herbicious

    What did you get this Christmas?

    Sweet. Money, a tie, a scarf, and a rubber-band shooter so far.
  8. Herbicious

    Happy Birthday, boomer!

    Happy belated buddy, sorry I missed this thread.
  9. Herbicious

    ASUS Eee 1005HA

    Hackintosh that thang.
  10. Herbicious


    Wow, all this sounds awfully complicated.
  11. Herbicious

    Google Wave

    Ohhh, what are your googlewave addresses? I don't think I have you guys, haha.
  12. Herbicious

    Google Wave

    Awesome, I got it too. ...how do I add you guys?
  13. Herbicious

    2009 Desktops

    Looking Good, Windows 7
  14. Herbicious

    Gaming Consoles

    PS3! No reason really, except for Final Fantasy and Midnight Club. ...but I must say I do miss halo.
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