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  1. Nice phone, 720p video is definitely something that perks up my ears. How are you liking Android?
  2. Need some posters? Asides from that it looks pretty sweet. A nice perfect little cyber cave.
  3. Hahahahahaha if I could like this post, I would.
  4. Go to the hospital's fitness center for now, while you're clearing out space for a home gym. Home gyms are always good.
  5. Merry Christmas friends, have a good one
  6. Sweet. Money, a tie, a scarf, and a rubber-band shooter so far.
  7. Happy belated buddy, sorry I missed this thread.
  8. Wow, all this sounds awfully complicated.
  9. Ohhh, what are your googlewave addresses? I don't think I have you guys, haha.
  10. Awesome, I got it too. ...how do I add you guys?
  11. PS3! No reason really, except for Final Fantasy and Midnight Club. ...but I must say I do miss halo.
  12. Name: Herbert Country: Canada Post Count: 4,606 Referrer: CHC's constant nagging, as well as SHC's insistent spamming. Great.
  13. I remember we got a car in AoE2. That was pretty sick. Except when a monk converts one of your cars, and then it turns into an enemy car, and then it takes forever to kill even with your whole squad of cars.
  14. I liked GTA for the most part, but I'm not ashamed to say that I outgrew it too soon. And I couldn't buy any nice clothes and I couldn't beat up those guys without a gun, so I gave up. Haha.
  15. True that, I'm probably going to come. Love Calgary. ...nah I don't, but I hear legal age is 18, of which I am.
  16. I want to fix my IBM, problem is I don't know what's wrong with it. Sounds like a recipe for hilarity? ...come to think of it, I might've misplaced that big beige box somewhere.
  17. I really really liked SC for the longest time, and I've recently gotten into Warcraft. But I broke both these habits because of school. But when summer starts, we'll play? I'm kind of bad though, due to my carelessness and lack of seriousness, and also just erraticness in gameplaying. Sorry. Haha. And I drink a lot of water when I game, so I end up having to take a lot of pee breaks. By that time, I get rushed and then lose.
  18. Wow, that's sick. I'm officially part of a company. This will look good on my resume
  19. That's cheap as hell, I look forward to it.
  20. It's over. Thankfully orientation week isn't.
  21. Ahaha, that's a fantastic place to have an electrical outlet.
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