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  1. Workstation: OCZ Agility 2 - 60 GB Samsung Spinpoint - 1000 GB Gaming: OCZ Agility 2 - 60 GB Samsung Spinpoint - 1000 GB Server1: WD Caviar Blue - 500 GB 7x WD Caviar Black 1TB - 7000 GB Server2: WD Caviar Blue - 500 GB 2x WD Green 2TB - 4000 GB Buffalo Linkstation 4TB NAS - 4000 GB Total SSD - 120 GB Total HDD - 17,000 GB Shot of server:
  2. So far, I think Anandtech and Guru3d have done the best job with covering the cards and presenting benchmark results. Needless to say, I am thrilled I picked up these 5870s when I did. I have had them for a few months already and based on the benchmarks, it doesn't look like GTX 480 has anything additional to offer. Not to mention the overclocking headroom in these cards. Overall, I am quite disappointed with the Fermi numbers.
  3. I am out of town this weekend visiting family. All I can think about is being home and messing around with this chip. I'll put up some more screenshots once I have some more time to tweak it.
  4. Temperatures are outstanding. I've been using the Prolimatech Megahalems CPU cooler on all of my i7 setups. It has yet to fail me, and keeps this thing idle in the 30s and loads in the low 60s even when overclocked.
  5. Just picked it up today. So far, ~4.3ghz just fine -- without breaking a sweat.
  6. Over at Guru3d.com, they were able to push theirs to 4.4ghz on 1.42v. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I am contemplating one of these chips, but may well wait until the i7 970 part is released. I just don't know if I can justify spending $999 on a CPU
  7. Shift, that is a great article. If true, it really helps to give some useful insight into the situation beyond Nvidia's "FERMI will be the best thing since sliced bread" marketing approach. In response to that article, some members of the Nvidia PR team sent out tweets saying that the author would be eating his words come March. As Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective said - these are the types of stunts a company pulls when they don't have a product to deliver. I will comment on something that I find entertaining. I would not consider myself to be a fanboy of either ATI or Nvidia. When I am ready to purchase a graphics card, I take the money I have available and buy whatever card will bring me the best overall performance within my budget. What has been interesting to see, is how the story of some of the die hard Nvidia fanboys has changed. First, they were saying that Nvidia would be releasing a juggernaut product that would crush the ATI Radeon 5000 series. Then, as the delays continued piling on, the story switched to "they are just tweaking performance to get the best clock speeds and drivers possible with the cards." Inevitably, that line of argument has now turned to "I don't care if the nvidia cards are faster -- my current GTX 2xx GPUs play everything I want perfectly fine. I will be upgrading to FERMI when it releases because of the 3d Vision technology" which most of them don't even realize requires a new monitor for them to be able to take advantage of. Needless to say, in this round, I have been extremely happy with the 5800 series GPUs.
  8. MoM -- don't be fooled. Please don't think for a second that I misunderstood your "joke." It was a bad joke, plain and simple. The joke would have been mildly funny if the cable guy had ruined your television, and not your mother. If the cable guy was having inappropriate relations with a member of your family, the joke would have warranted a chuckle. Electrocuting the cable guy for no reason at all is not funny -- not because I love cable guys, but for the simple fact that it is void of all humor. Do me a favor and please do not drag me into any other "jokes" you might have. Thank you.
  9. What? How is that directed at me? Please explain MoM.
  10. I don't know if you guys have seen, but they have offically been dubbed GTX 480 and GTX 470 -- the first two GF100 cards.
  11. Looks good. I can't wait to see what the i7 980x gulftown chips do.
  12. The same can be said for the Radeon 5870. I purchased this card to replace my GTX295, and it is just as fast, if not faster in a lot of games. Also, after some experimenting, I can say that I much prefer ATI's AA methods. True SSAA looks absolutely brilliant. With Adaptive AA, you can get very close to true SSAA quality at a fraction of the performance hit. I just wish that there were a program that was comporable to nhancer to allow further customization. I know ATI Tray Tools exists, but doesn't work with the current 5000 series.
  13. To comment on microstutter, it was not a problem I experienced on my GTX295 setup. In the multi-GPU setups I've had, the Nvidia cards (7800GTX SLI, 8800GTX SLI, GTX295) have not had any of the problems I have experienced with the ATI cards (4870X2, 5870 Xfire). I am not saying that I think this is a problem that impacts only ATI cards -- because I know there are complaints about it on the Nvidia side as well. I am just commenting that it is something that I've not experienced with Nvidia multi-GPU setups. For me, it is something that makes the gameplay completely unacceptable so leaving the cards in Xfire was not an option. I would rather have a single GPU and have to tone down the AA a bit while having a smooth gameplay experience. It looks like initially, the GTX 380 will be the top-tier card from Nvidia. However, I have heard rumors about a multi-GPU Fermi card in the works which would obviously compete directly with the 5970. http://www.nordichardware.com/index.php?news=1&action=more&id=10550 It sure will be interesting to see how things play out. Fermi has been a long time in the making. If it is only slightly better performance than the current ATI offerings, that is going to be a disappointment in my book.
  14. I am very interested to see how GF100 will perform. I've recently purchased a few of the ATI 5870 cards. Typically, I've run mostly nvidia cards in my system. I dabbled with the 4870 and the 4870X2 last year, but ended up switching to the gtx280 and 295. So far, I've been very impressed with the 5870 cards. The cards run incredibly cool compared to the GTX295 and GTX280. Using the 10.1 beta drivers made available by MSI, I've had excellent performance in games. I've also been able to easily push the cards stock clocks of 850/1200mhz to 1000/1250mhz using MSI Afterburner. One thing I was definitely disappointed with was the performance of CrossfireX. The numbers for the benchmarks and gameplay were outstanding. However, the "smooth experience" during gameplay was quite lacking. I know people debate all of the time about the microstutter issue that plagues multi-GPU setups. That was definitely something that I was experiencing. For example, in L4D or L4D2, framerates are being recorded as well over the 100FPS mark at 1920x1200 with 4X SSAA enabled in CCC. Even when forcing vsync (which I always use while gaming) the problem was still evident. While gaming, the FPS would never dip, but would feel like it was skipping frames every few seconds. It was very similar to the issues I experienced with running the 4870X2. Once I disabled CrossfireX, the problem went away and gameplay was as smooth as ever at the same settings. I tried multiple solutions suggested online, as well as every driver revision I could get my hands on -- each had the same issue. Needless to say, if GF100 offers significantly better performance, I will gladly purchase one. However, based on what I am hearing about production yields, thermal issues, ATI refresh availability, it seems as though Fermi has a bit of an uphill battle. I just hope that Nvidia is able to come in at a good price point to give ATI some competition.
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