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  1. TL6MT

    Tesoro Gram Spectrum TKL by Aaron Lai

    For some reason it looked like a toy keyboard at first look.
  2. Great review on covering the new water cooling support. The color is a nice change too.
  3. TL6MT

    Review Focus Updated

    Not going to lie but I never read the original document. Has anyone wondered if APH reviews were good?
  4. TL6MT

    Reeven Justice RC-1204 by Hai Wang

    All these Reeven heatsinks!
  5. TL6MT

    Got a Logitech G920

    One of my favorite wheels around but I wish they included the shifter on the side.
  6. TL6MT

    Laptop & External Graphics Card

    Welcome to APH Networks and happy to know your problem's fixed.
  7. TL6MT

    Just bought a 2008 Acura TL

    Very nice view!
  8. TL6MT

    NZXT H500 by Aaron Lai

    I'm not surprised how well this case did with the price and all - NZXT has a solid H series lineup
  9. It looks like Christmas lighting around the mousepad. Thanks for the review too.
  10. Love the shots chc - very clean. It does look very similar as the Focus Plus and it looks like the inside is mostly the same too. I love guys who just argue when they know nothing.
  11. TL6MT

    Patriot Viper V765 by Ben Joubert

    Good review Ben, enjoyed the intro story.
  12. TL6MT

    January 2019 Review Plans

    That's a crazy amount of Cooler Master stuff.
  13. TL6MT

    New laptop recommendations

    Ended up with an HP - company prefers to have Windows laptops. Thanks all!
  14. You can't make these things up.