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  1. Glad everyone is still making air coolers.
  2. 😀 Lots of lens distortion Jadon. Looks like they're doing better with this KB compared to the last one.
  3. I wonder how much of a $ difference from going to Platinum to Titanium? Most of the parts are the same.
  4. Haven't seen that for years!
  5. Was thinking about that too - guess you still have to cope.
  6. 🤣 25 days after it's posted - great review Ben.
  7. Looks like in a lot of ways quite similar to the R6, especially the interior. The replaceable top is a cool design though.
  8. Interesting - but I guess that wasn't a big part of the test anyway.
  9. Great point. Not sure if it's false claims but no doubt misleading.
  10. Thats an interesting review but I am not sure I am convinced to buy a set right now.
  11. 😂I think it's more "is APH becoming a review website" which I think it is.
  12. Wow it's pretty crazy how much air pressure these give.
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