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  1. Woah, this is really cool and the mobile site works too.
  2. 🤣 "Mobile" is listed as one of the platforms - I'd be interested to see someone wear this outside.
  3. Sorry yes I did mention the chc. Pretty cool he was there for the actual event.
  4. Thanks for the great review chc - not surprised by the soundstaging but everything else looks very solid.
  5. I bought one - will see how it fares on business trips!
  6. 🤣 A lot of places are warmer than Canada.
  7. Lol Philips earphones, they're brave to ask APH review this.
  8. Enjoyed the read chc - time to buy some Micron stocks?
  9. 🤣 You guys got nowhere close to the world record.
  10. What is hand delivered? Never mind just read the article.
  11. Never hurts to have more headphones especially if it's noise canceling which V-MODA doesn't make.
  12. Nice photos and nice case!
  13. Looked like a fun adventure! I was on Oahu a few years ago and definitely a great sight. A short flight from LA too and great place to visit, totally different vibe as CONUS but still America.
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