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  1. CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi by Aaron Lai

    Great CPU cooler - thanks for the review Aaron. What's the relationship of NZXT and Cryorig?
  2. Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum by Hai Wang

    White keyboards are making a come back - nice review!
  3. Snow in Calgary

    That's a lot of snow. Did you get stuck?
  4. February 2018 Review Plans

    Is there a Sumo product in the tracker too?
  5. We want your Opinion!

    I agree with all of the above - video reviews are great but not something I can watch at work. Written reviews allow me to skip to anywhere and extract info I need.
  6. NZXT H700i by Jonathan Kwan

    $200 for a case! Amazing photos though.
  7. SilverStone Primera PM02 by Aaron Lai

    Great case! The prices for cases nowadays isn't cheap but great review - integrated lighting is a great move.
  8. FSP CMT510 by Seth Claussen

    +1 ETA?
  9. Do you still use Paypal?

    Still use it - it's useful for international payments or on websites that you don't want to give your credit card to.
  10. Nice chc! Looks like you scored a big one for a cheap iPhone 6S - how is the screen quality?
  11. SilverStone Primera PM02 by Aaron Lai

    APH a thing for white products lately?
  12. Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum by Hai Wang

    Nice keyboard - white is always sleek.
  13. January 2018 Review Plans

    Had to look up what that is.
  14. I read about this problem before, apparently in warmer places bugs grow in it.
  15. About time they added this. Even Mac OS has it to tell you to replace the battery.