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  1. I completed glanced over this - now this is a weird design choice!
  2. First thing I noticed too - it looks real slick.
  3. That looks like an improvement - the WD Blue series is some real competition now.
  4. 😆 "when dealing with mounts, do as the mountains do" I might just pick 1 of these up
  5. That's interesting as I would imagine the custom PC market is more boutique now and people want higher end products.
  6. I'm interested in how the Philips Performance Wireless headphones are.
  7. I've been waiting for the first SSD review of 2020!
  8. It's interesting that silverstone is making a lot of budget cases now. Tempered glass is good but what happened to their high end series?
  9. The black looks better than the old silver.
  10. Interesting review - 125Hz polling rate is just ****.
  11. Nothing new yet in the Tracker yet.
  12. Interesting there was just a press release for it yesterday - great review though chc! Lol @ annoying friend story too.
  13. How does one keep a car so clean in a Canadian winter?
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