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  1. Looks like a great price for some good earphones - cool to hear about your experience!
  2. I'm confused isn't SilverStone using standard ARGB as the mobo signals?
  3. Fractal Design does RGB? What a age we live in.
  4. Today is the day for those who know where to look.
  5. I think a mobile site and nicer graphics is nice - not this one is bad but all the latest news sites are laid out in a similar way. See https://www.forbes.com
  6. Looks like they're catching up but it's probably best if they stopped using sleeve bearing fans.
  7. 😛 Where does it say that? Also thanks for the detailed review - nice pics.
  8. $80 on Amazon is quite a deal if this is good.
  9. Heard this is a great SSD - can't wait to see the Storage Consistency results.
  10. Haven't heard this joke for months.
  11. I'm losing track of which cooler is what lol.
  12. Looks like repackaged first aid kit wipes.
  13. Did it really rip apart? Seems like **** quality stick with NZXT Hue.
  14. Thanks for the review. Only at APH will you see people talking about switch audible response.
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