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  1. I remember there's a thread last year, what are you all excited for?
  2. Please use imperial for us Americans too.
  3. Micron is still the leader in OCable chips - great review!
  4. Keep forgetting Antec is a value brand now.
  5. Thanks I guess this is more sound isolating than Earpods as a plus too.
  6. I use a desk lamp at work so the lighting is more balanced but I can convince IT to buy one of these instead to save desk space?
  7. Storage: *exists* APH Networks: 😃
  8. Sound is an addicting thing!
  9. Only with the Tactical Tracer RGB. DDR4-3600 is some fast speed rating.
  10. FSP is really into cases nowadays. Looks pretty clean though and better than Antec.
  11. Great review glad to see the charging tests too.
  12. Thanks for the review. How does it look like when its on your ears? Does it look bulky?
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