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  1. Wow very nice upgrade! Finally a Ryzen owner here at APH? Haven't seen an AMD build in literally years.
  2. Good job - you covered the entire SK series sizes. Can't find much on the availability but I'm very interested in buying one.
  3. Great review Aaron - very detailed as always.
  4. At least they didn't increase the price - Apple may have figured people don't have unlimited budgets for phones.
  5. Most companies probably just absorb the cost but yes in the long run it's how it works.
  6. Check the Review Tracker https://www.usa.philips.com/c-p/SHB2515BK_00/2000-series-in-ear-true-wireless-headphones
  7. I wonder why FSP doesn't improve their PSUs being one of the biggest OEMs in the market?
  8. Wow Philips? That's a new brand.
  9. A new mousepad that's not RGB? Great review though!
  10. 😂 It was a funny moment for all regardless of it real or not.
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