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  1. It's interesting that silverstone is making a lot of budget cases now. Tempered glass is good but what happened to their high end series?
  2. The black looks better than the old silver.
  3. Interesting review - 125Hz polling rate is just ****.
  4. Interesting there was just a press release for it yesterday - great review though chc! Lol @ annoying friend story too.
  5. How does one keep a car so clean in a Canadian winter?
  6. They don't need one, it's legal in Canada.
  7. Thanks for the review - surprising how much weight LEDs add relative to the mouse.
  8. TL6MT

    Alt codes

    Welcome to APH - I googled it and it does look like you need a numpad.
  9. I'm excited for the video review!
  10. Not sure why - maybe just the angles as p1 posted?
  11. Hasn't this keyboard been out for a long time? Edit: XT version? I can't find this on Corsair's website.
  12. 😂 Maybe they should add weights for the mouse too.
  13. Glad to see Antec products again.
  14. Wow $300 is definitely not a cheap drive.
  15. Thanks for the review Aaron.
  16. Got around to installing the system - love the hallway lighting feature.
  17. At least you didn't have the DVD navigation system like the TL's.
  18. Never thought of that but I never heard of this brand. I went on their website and it seems like they only have 1 product.
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