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  1. tanger

    Gotta love Mother's Day

    Ouch!! Sorry to hear that, Kenneth! At least, when you get your Civic back, you'll appreciate it that much more from the Hyundai!!
  2. tanger

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone!! And TL6MT, that's a very well typed post for being semi-drunk!
  3. tanger

    APH Weekly Convo

    LOL glad my life amuses you guys so =) Unfortunately, Convo V is a no go for me as I am in Edmonton for a conference.
  4. tanger

    Boomer got an WRT-610N V1

    Hey, sorry if I sound ignorant, but what's the difference in specifications between the WRT610N and the WRT160N model? There's like a $30 dollar difference brand new for these two routers and the guy I asked didn't know a thing about them.
  5. tanger

    Exercising Methods

    Hmm if you wanna work out at home, there's many ways. If you really want to get in shape, you can do it haha. Get a treadmill, it has walking and running speeds...you can get a set of weights...if you live in a multilevelled apartment, you can use the stairs..or even to the basement. Same thing. Umm Pushups, curlups, jumping jacks. There are so many ways, man. You don't need to go to the gym. Like shift said, "Where there's a will, there's a way".
  6. tanger

    This is a little weird

    Whoa, did you work at that exact location? Or just a general Wal-Mart?
  7. 1. Chris 2. Canada currently =) 3. 11 posts prior to making this 4. Referred to APH by who else haha...the chc
  8. tanger

    Wisdom Teeth extraction?

    Hope the extraction goes well for your kid, TL6MT It's really good advice they give haha. One more thing, make sure you don't run out of painkillers.
  9. Great review, CHC. Very honest and thorough. Too bad Eagle didn't respond to it...