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  1. I've been reading APH News and rumors of Intel Celeron brand being cut, and Intel denying it. Do you think Celeron is good branding or not?
  2. Sorry for bumping an older thread but, Props to you for the best hardcore computer enthusiast EVER.
  3. How much is it and how does it compare against other portable chargers?
  4. Congrats on your new laptop; I still use my old T61 and its the best PC ever made it just wont die!
  5. I had to admit I've grown to love APH reviews
  6. Good flash and it all works great, thanks everyone.
  7. Orange box engine is so buggy they need to test it out more before using it killed a lot of servers
  8. USA USA USA Cant believe I'm posting here when I'm partying at Daves house had a few beers tonight
  9. time to flash it tomorrow when I get home from the party!
  10. Thanks for the tip, I'm not looking for completely independent networks, what I want are two wireless networks so I can have my own personal setup and a separate one to control Looks like DDWRT is the way to go, good thing I have right revisions to flash.
  11. What do you prefer for sportswear personally?
  12. Do you guys travel around in a sled? or do you get snowmobiles now?
  13. Yes it is a standard standard but why are we introducing ANOTHER new standard? HDMI is fine, so is DVI, maybe not so much displayport.
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