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  1. Post your ISP/Plan/Speed/Price

    Not sure if everyone on the APH team is on it. I'm no longer part of the staff though... Sounds like it's some sort of marketing scheme that's going on for upload speeds. Kinda disappointed in the providers, at least for the home service. Didn't have this problem when I'm working with clients/businesses/companies when doing my own IT consulting (at least, not as low as 15 Mbps down comparatively to business/enterprise plans).
  2. Post your ISP/Plan/Speed/Price

    I got a Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 Tri-Band Router quite a while ago, which ran me some big $$$ when it first came out. I wanted to ensure I had one of the best in the market for my "home" use, hence the purchase decision. Just today, I got Shaw here in Canada to up my plan to 150 Mbps down 15 Mbps up. My old plan was 30Mbps down 5 Mbps up. Here's the results. Looks like I'm getting better than expected results, but that's a wired connection through a switch to the router from my desktop using standard CAT5e network cabling, and it's only one device. I should also mention Shaw had provided me with one of their "advanced" routers, so technically, I'm getting internet through 2 routers and a switch.
  3. APH updating to IPS 4.0?

    I logged in just to see this. Nice move to the updated version
  4. Shaw Network Outage

    I heard the news, but downtime didn't affect me.
  5. Windows 10 Creators Update

    It's supposed to be released April 11th, but gradually rolled out to all PCs. I found that some of my laptops and PCs at home got it, but others didn't yet. Other than the initial issues I had on one PC (graphics drivers), no issues reported
  6. Windows 10 Creators Update

    I had problem when I updated my desktop. It had something to do with my NVidia graphics. Apparently I didn't have the most up-to-date driver installed and it didn't like it. Once updated to Creators, I get either a black screen at login or the loading ring of dots keep spinning. I eventually had to pull my GTX770 ans use the on-board graphics and use the built-in Windows 10 reset to clear everything back to "default". Had to reinstall all my third party apps... My recommendation here is just to ensure all your updates are installed, including drivers, etc. that work with your hardware. I didn't have any problems on my Surface Book though.
  7. Anyone upgraded/updated yet? Any issues? Just upgrading my 60+ work PCs now as well as my home PCs
  8. **** At least it wasn't $2 million or some other super outrageous amount. Given that you guys get a student ID (or TA/professor/etc ID for that matter), you guys are probably on AD, but on a different AD server where the configured the UoC domain trusts so it isolates or limits the amount of damage if anything should occur. But then again, much of the campus around UoC doesn't require you to sign in with your credentials to use the Internet when you plug in to the network I guess that's configured different to the WiFi, server, department, computer labs, etc., so it seems to me the hackers only did their dirty work on a certain group of graduates/professors. It looks like its an isolated situation (unless I've misunderstood), so you can easily track it down to whoever that opened a hacked email, went to a certain website, etc. It's a matter of configuring multiple VLANs on the many switches they have and have multiple private subnets setup on their DHCP and DNS servers. Probably have 3-5 servers for each, if not more, for load balancing, resource management, and network trafficking, given the amount of people there are. Even so, each person probably has at least 2 devices (laptop and phone), so that increases the number of IPs distributed by an exponential amount. Interesting technical stuff actually, but let's save it for another day At least now UoC IT guys know they have holes in the system. Either someone's going to get fired for not doing a good job or job security for that special someone that gets hired to fix the holes
  9. Congrats on the promotion
  10. Hi everyone, I would like to formally and regrettably announce I will be stepping down from the Senior Technical Editor role here at APH Networks. I have thought long and hard about this, and I have communicated this to Jonathan, our Editor-in-Chief, about this matter. It seems like the time for me to move on with my future endeavors, and staying in this role would hinder my pursuit in this area. First and foremost, I like to thank Jonathan and the team for giving me the opportunity to work at APH Networks and allowing me to write reviews on such great products. I would like to thank everyone for the support, and for reading all my reviews (even though I may not be such a great writer at times ). I will still drop by the forums every so often to see how things are going and answer questions to the best of my ability, but my involvement in writing reviews and administrative work are next to none. Thanks, Preston Yuen
  11. Cooler Master MasterCase 5

    It's finally ready: http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cooler-master-mastercase-5
  12. Cooler Master MasterCase 5

    You can essentially order these parts off their website here: http://www.cmstore-usa.com/
  13. LG G5

    Transparent displays are pretty much in development. I wouldn't be surprised the G5 would become obsolete sooner than later
  14. Cooler Master MasterCase 5

    They have the windowed version, as well. As for customization standpoint, a side panel is a side panel. There's not much you can do about it. The "real" customization is essentially the modularity of the internal components (i.e. more drive cages, SSD trays, etc).