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  1. I use to frequent the scene alot back in the xbox years. sorta loss interest after a good while. but now i am wondering about the ps3 I would love the ps3 to be hacked, but not for games but to enable a better media system then it is already. that being said has there been any way to get .mkv playing on it yet (preferable h264) and since h264 mp4 don't play nor the same in an avi container, the same question goes for them also. thanks,
  2. Picked this up on Friday (the day after tracking down a 360) Liking the game but not liking the amount of crashes I'm suffering. It's locking up about once every 45 mins/hour with a "this disc cannot be read" problem. I popped the disc out and there appear to be small marks on the disc, nothing like the ring of death you get if you tilt the console - but enought to set me thinking. With the console being so new I wonder if I have dodgy hardware or if this is a game-related issue. Anyone care to share their experiences, so I can decide if I need to return my console? Cheers
  3. Windows 7 is best.Because it has better features then the other.And Windows 7 is a vast improvement from Vista as it takes up much less ram and has other optimizations such as fast booting times. I recommend Windows 7, and if you really don't want vista and don't want to wait for the final version of Windows 7, you can download a copy of the Release Candidate from the Microsoft website for free and use it up till June of 2010. I am working with the Release Candidate right now and so far I have absolutely no complaints, considering I am a heavy computer use with advanced software.
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