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  1. Nothing, I just had a little bit of disposable income and was looking at upgrading part of my Entertainment suite, I think my Computer is alright, but I guess I'd be best to save the dough for now.
  2. So hold off until some wicked new TV tech hits?
  3. I'd have a party if OSX died, that's about it though.
  4. Hey guys, my primary HDTV is a Sony Bravia XBR4 KDLXBR4, it's 120Hz has a decent panel and I love the way the Bezel looks. Is it time for an upgrade though?
  5. Thanks! Another great one from you, haha.
  6. My girlfriend is a Chemical Engineer, lol.
  7. In the past I've always had CHC design signatures for me based on my current system configuration, this would have been the third, but if anyone has the time to do one, I'd be very pleased, my specs are as follows: Intel core i7 920 @3.0Ghz 12GB OCZ PC12800 DDR3 Asus P6T Deluxe Motherboard 1TB Seagate 7200RPM HDD 64GB Corsair Extreme SSD eVGA Nvidia GTX 285 GPU Corsair 1000W PSU Thermaltake Armour case (Third build in this case) Creative X-fi Fatality Soundcard
  8. First Name: Tyler Country: Canada Number of Posts: 43 Referral: CHC.
  9. All of a sudden, just recently, I lost the functionality of my volume controls Stop,Play, track control and other media buttons on my keyboard, as ususally my volume wheel would directly impact system volume and now that is not the case, any ideas or information?
  10. /sign me up for the contest cutie. I want me a DX10 video card.....
  11. Rhazel

    Emo music

    "Emo music is still music". Emo music is nearly all music. Unless you're a robot. Emo roughly translates to Emotional. Must music genres, songs and groups are centered around, or at the very least have small overtones of emotion throughout their creations.
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