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  1. id always think wd is more reliable but seagate seems to have better warranty
  2. tp's in stock everywhere now but don't like lockdowns anyone see gas prices today?
  3. i love it wonder if they'll make some atx version?
  4. is it like corsair where its also bluetooth capable or just a cm custom receiver only?
  5. maybe the coronavirus is killing every business
  6. the tp and non perishable food rush is insane with the lineups outside costco here you're much more likely to contract coronavirus than anything else what happened to social distancing?
  7. ditto to that encrypted = no decryption, data no good
  8. agreed on the photos great review too much better priced than corsairs
  9. strange people on amazon/other review sites seem to like it guess they dont know whats good sound lol
  10. is the coronavirus going to affect reviews?
  11. thanks for the review kind of like the k95 rgb platinum xt, if you have the last 1 dont need to upgrade
  12. great pics and review if theres lighting effects might be nice to post a video too
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