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  1. whats the difference? it looks exactly the same as the vulcan 120 other than the backplate
  2. looks like they improved in quality good price
  3. looks like its almost identical to the titanium with some slightly cheaper parts
  4. coronavirus hasn't killed the price white case is also very nice
  5. should just scan a motherboard or something too
  6. maybe not for tests, the guy at cybernetics does it all aph does great teardowns tho
  7. this has to be the strangest find why sell a 7200rpm drive and then advertise it as 5400rpm? the wording is also very misleading
  8. surprised it didn't do better than this the fractal design cooler is also a few yrs old
  9. why make a 80plus gold psu nowadays? also looks like your parts are different than tom's
  10. nice review aaron always look for the pc8 tests
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