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  1. wtf lol accidental leak from aph? looks like a great update though but the original k95 also supports elgato now
  2. lots of new products released from ces any picks?
  3. happy new year all to another 15 years of impact!
  4. cant find any info on it either but looks like the wrist rest is different? the regular 1 is plastic
  5. great review chc makes me want to go to hawaii or somewhere warm
  6. first time hearing of this brand doesnt look bad for a first timer
  7. havent heard of that name in a long time lol
  8. those arent cheap regularly $50-60 at home depot last time i checked
  9. rockauto has raybestos which is pretty good quality calipers are supposed to last the lifetime of your car normally
  10. both are good points but it's expensive if you can afford it why not?
  11. nice review and great pics, makes me want to buy lol
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