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  1. of course we will fix it. The service is only about 18 days old, and its coded completely from scratch. Things take time.
  2. Actually pixita is not hosted there. That is an advertisement banner.
  3. Me and my friends have started a site called Pixita.com it lets you upload photos, pictures, avatars, sigs, images of all kinds. Like Imageshack. We offer 2MB upload per image. The service is completely free and we never remove images because they are being viewed "to many times" we only ever remove images if it is severly damaging the expirence for other users (e.g. 2Mb Image posted on Digg.com lol). Anyway try it out see what ya think http://www.pixita.com/ It's still in Beta. We had quite a large closed-beta with 70 testers. We managed to iron out enough bugs to launch it open-beta yesterday night. Feel free to use the service or "spread the word" as it were. If you find any problems please post them in this thread and I'll make sure they are addressed.
  4. I used to work at that site. The stuff is legit the site owner (Chin) does not make stuff up. OCW is a very respectable Asian hardware review site that regularly get exclusive information. The site has been in operation since 1998.
  5. Tagan are the best in my opinion. PC Power & Cooling are a close 2nd though. You will find that a lot of PSU's from other companies (Koolance for instance) are actually PC & Cooling PSU's with a new shell.
  6. An X6800 should be able to beat my chip if it was OC'd very high.
  7. I don't quite have 12s (My best was 16) however now that you beat that I had to OC my puppy to beat you Best I could manage was 13s with my RAM downclocked at 800MHz T1 CPU at 298FSB 3,576MHz (298 ^ 12) Done it in Vista aswell so I'm sure that added a second to my time over XP.
  8. Soon as someone gets 16s I'll OC to 3.8GHz and get 12s haha
  9. Yeah people who can't afford the best usually say they hate it.
  10. http://www.bit-tech.net/gaming/2007/05/18/...0_impressions/2 DX9 vs DX10 on Lost Planet.
  11. I tried it yes. But I was unable to get the DX10 mode working on my system and I couldn't be bothered to find out how to make it run in DX10 mode.
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