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  1. I am a little dissapointed in the way with which I have been treated if I am honest. The way in which the members have jumped upon myself, merely because I asked questions I find inappropiate, not to mention the closing of the thread without allowing myself to reply. It shall be a while before I make any proactive return.
  2. In response to the thread which is now closed. Why do I have to use emoticons. They can give away the wrong idea as well as the right one. I haven't used caps, I haven't used any angry emoticons, I have called you any names... so how am I flaming? It would be nice to have an adult conversation. I don't exactly admin on a tiny site either.
  3. Wow... the Samsung 226BW is extrememly popular... I am surprised you had problems with it. I have Dells myself though personally.
  4. Samsung offer comparable a warranty, cheaper prices and in some cases better image quality.
  5. The Image hosting service is still a beta has only been running for 2 days publicly... If anyone has any suggestions at all for features they would like to see implemented, feel free to throw them down onto a post here...
  6. Yer couple of opteron 265's...4Gb of ram. It does alright Nice Intel Quaddy WinMacLin... Bet it does alright on counterstrike
  7. Welcome to the Quad Core club Nice benchies
  8. I contribute if I feel it is necessary... and I have been on more than 3 times. Why post count affects the validity of my posts, I don't know
  9. I suspect I am not being taken quite as seriously as I ought...
  10. MCE is actually not fully PRO, though. It has somewhat reduced fuctionality with regards to its networking. i.e it cannot join and become part of a domain, and it lacks cached credentials, forcing the re-entering of passwords for network shares etc.
  11. I think you are talking out of your aphnetworks.com personally... or trying to be clever. Hard to tell where that begins and ends really. You sound just as judgemental as anybody else, and may I suggest not taking things out of context. The term n00b appears to have been used as WinMacLin was being misunderstood so wanted to clarify that things don't need to be dumbed down quite so much as he isn't stupid. I personally feel this is a flame fest inducing thread which should be removed as in my opinion it is inappropriate.
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    oh my word lol!!!
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    wow... thanks to everyone for your replies Such a warm welcome. lol @ WinMac... you are so immature dude lol!
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