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  1. Obviously you have no clue and continuing reading comprehension issues. You can stop the hate because hating does not change reality.
  2. Planning to jump over my GTX 680 to 690.
  3. After reading a bunch of reviews I go to IN WIN BR665 because it would be my choice for great airflow in a small package.
  4. This happens all the time, NVIDIA will drop their price down a bit and life goes on. Then NVIDIA will come out with something more powerful charge a lot and ATI will drop their price and it will go back and forth.
  5. It is big center attraction for me to realize that you are so inspirational and talk sense.
  6. I'm hoping the 430 has, for lack of a better term, more colorful screen than the lenovo e420s and with Ivy Bridge and an IPS display with at least 1080p.
  7. I have Windows embedded and Linux based terminals as well as their own Thin OS (which may itself be Linux-based, I'm not sure).
  8. I don’t go to buy Nvidia and AMD’s low end graphics cards. I understand that they want to appeal to the whole audience but, if you really care about graphics, you’re going to spend $150.00 or more on a real gaming graphics card. Otherwise you’re going to use integrated graphics. I think it's just a waist of time.
  9. Bulldozer is one of the biggest AMD's failures after phenoms and they realized they can’t compete intel in performance anymore.
  10. Why the comparison to the i7-2700K? That doesn't have PCIe 3.0 support or quad-channel memory.
  11. While the Intel chip will clearly have a healthy lead on performance, AMD hopes to beat Intel on everything else price, graphics, and power performance.
  12. I don't care as much about the CPU market as much as the GPU market. If AMD starts skimping on the graphics department it's all over.
  13. It is simply a different controller hooked to the same wire leading to the disk.
  14. Cool and more creative for their challenges.
  15. If Razer really claims that this is the worlds first true gaming laptop, they might want to look at the new 3rd gen Hp envy 15 which packs more power into a smaller case. It's probably too late for Razer to make changes to the Blade, but what it can do it future generations to make their product much much more attractive?
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