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  1. New Ford Trucks

    Well, brand new F150 with just over 8,000 kms came into the shop needing an oil change and when we brought it in we noticed that when you put it in reverse instead of the reverse lights coming on like they are supposed to...the brake lights came on instead, and when you turned the light switch on; none of the instrument cluster lights, and dashboard lights came on like they are supposed to. Weird things like that.
  2. New Ford Trucks

    Well, I own a 2005 F150 and I really like it. I used to work at a Ford dealership in the service department and the amount of these new trucks coming back with recalls or electrical failure is outstanding. To me the body of these new trucks look like ford was trying way too hard; like almost like their fake!
  3. New Ford Trucks

    What do you guys think of the new aluminum body of the newer Ford trucks? Me personally I like the 2004-2014 trucks better. 2015 F150 2017 F350 2017 F150 Raptor 2017 F150 Shelby
  4. Credit cards

    I only really use my Credit card when I got no money in my bank account or if I want to buy something that's online. When it comes to like filling up my car with gas or buying food, etc I use my Debit bank card.
  5. Subwoofer and Amp?

    Lol Performance, that's alittle big.
  6. Subwoofer and Amp?

    Ok awesome, thanks Chc! Appreciate the help dude.
  7. Sochi 2014

    Lol yep! 5:00 am MST for Canada vs Sweden gold medal game. Gotta set my alarm lol
  8. Subwoofer and Amp?

    CD Deck: Sony MEX-BT4100P Rear and Front Speakers: Alpine SPS-610
  9. Subwoofer and Amp?

    Dude the car is worth $4,000 black book value. Might be better keep the speakers running off of the CD deck and just get a amp to run solely for the sub.
  10. Sochi 2014

    U.S. lost the bronze medal game this morning against Finland.
  11. Subwoofer and Amp?

    Entire system and yes it does have a pre-out.
  12. Subwoofer and Amp?

    2004 Nissan Sentra
  13. Subwoofer and Amp?

    I was thinking of getting a subwoofer and amp for my car. Currently right now I have a Sony CD deck (with bluetooth). I have 4 Alpine 6.5" speakers and they run off of the cd deck. So was thinking of getting sub and amp to boost my audio listening. What do you guys think?
  14. Sochi 2014

    Canada vs. Sweden for Gold!
  15. Building my first computer

    I think I'm gonna get an aftermarket heatsink and fan. The CPU is running at 43-44 degrees.