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  1. I've been using Windows 7 Ultimate for a while now, and I really enjoy it. However, my computer's been randomly freezing recently, but I think that's due to Office 2010... it's an on/off thing though, and it seems to be working fine right now.
  2. I hope you brought K&Y, because we just ran out...
  3. Yeah the word dope is pretty dope, but someone at school told me to say a word that was more white, so I'm gonna start saying dopey from now on instead of dope. It's gonna be pretty dopey.
  4. Yep. You can use it on any site. Use Platypus and Greasemonkey.
  5. Flow? Meh, flows well enough for me. Some of the songs I like best from X&Y are: Talk, What If, White Shadows, Square One, and Swallowed In The Sea. Obviously the other songs are good too, these are just my favorites.
  6. Lol The Scientist is one song... X&Y was a good album too, try giving all the songs a good listen through, fully.
  7. Yeah you can make it look anyway you want. It's pretty dope.
  8. Mmmm I agree, I love bbq, especially when it's bbq sauce smothered all over dead babies who died from the meth I sold them. Made money, and get a nice meal! It's pretty much double penetration. (Oh God, what have I done... )
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