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  1. Corsair Gaming HS60 Surround by Aaron Lai

    Good to see another Corsair product getting good Reviews. Thanks Aaron.
  2. Very nice Repair! Looks just like OEM from the Photos.
  3. February 2018 Review Plans

    More Sennheiser.
  4. We want your Opinion!

    The Current reviews are pretty good but if there are more Details probably 10-15 minutes.
  5. Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum by Hai Wang

    Agreed - still a Beauty though. Great Review.
  6. NZXT H700i by Jonathan Kwan

    If you Google around there are some Reports of the CAM hardware DOA.
  7. FSP CMT510 by Seth Claussen

    I just want to see this Review lol.
  8. CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi by Aaron Lai

    Nice Photos and great review! RGBs are pretty Extra.
  9. Snow in Calgary

    Enough Snow up to the bottom of your Car in 2 hour? Canada.
  10. We want your Opinion!

    Definitely keep the Written reviews. I love the Video formats coming up. I also really enjoyed the Podcast 360 Sample in the Camorama review.
  11. CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi by Aaron Lai

    RGB LEDs!
  12. NZXT H700i by Jonathan Kwan

    Very sharp Case and nice photos!
  13. Do you still use Paypal?

    Tons of online Purchase places accept Paypal. Just sign in and go and you can even use your Credit card. I got Paypal for eBay though.
  14. SilverStone Primera PM02 by Aaron Lai

    Always can trust APH for Relationship advice. Thanks for the Review Aaron!
  15. FSP CMT510 by Seth Claussen

    I was excited to see it this Week. Shots look good though - are they screen caps from the Video?