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  1. 😗 These random posts got to stop it's keeping me Wondering.
  2. I really like the new Website! Looks exactly as Promised and renders nicely on Mobile too which is the biggest difference.
  3. Awesome Review chc - it's impressive how far Philips has come/
  4. Bose really does have the ANC Nailed but in Sound quality there's no competition with Sennheiser.
  5. You're missing out definitely try it for Next time.
  6. Great Read chc and a nice departure from the usual Reviews. Cool to see some of the other Site Editors in person too.
  7. I'm a bit Behind but thanks for the Review.
  8. Great Pics chc! Looks like you visited all the right Places. Did you try Surfing?
  9. I'm confused wasn't it in the Link since August?
  10. When a Charter airline becomes a Budget carrier its hard to get out of that mindset.
  11. 🤣 Time to add to the Collection of V-Modas the chc kept recommending?
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