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  1. Under Monitor soundbar? Does it come with a remote?
  2. Spoiler alert: 1 degree difference under Load. That's pretty good for just changing the Thermal Paste though.
  3. The performance looks Great under Load!
  4. Post some Photos and post your Experience when it comes in!
  5. I thought the White Bar at the top of the Forums was just part of the Design, now I see all the buttons.
  6. I too did not expect this from SilverStone since they always made Quality products. Also the LED strips seem Poorly designed.
  7. This is Amazon's Choice - I'm waiting for the Storage Consistency tests as well.
  8. They're certainly not Cheap headphones. Have you considered this? https://www.v-moda.com/us/en/products/bassfit-wireless Chc is reviewing them soon.
  9. Is APH becoming a Storage review website?
  10. Wow haven't seen ADATA Products here at APH for a Long time - the Photos are really nice though.
  11. I assume the RGB Box is the same as the Motherboard RGB controllers?
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