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  1. Big Bang

    Review Focus Updated

    I remember when a lot of random Review websites came out in the early/mid 2000s and some were Forum members here who tried to copy APH. You can Copy but you can never get ahead!
  2. Big Bang

    Got a Logitech G920

    Nice Sim setup. The G920 is one of the best Wheels around.
  3. Big Bang

    Reeven Justice RC-1204 by Hai Wang

    I love how you're covering all the Heatsinks now. Yellow and Black still looks sort of strange but I guess noctua got away with their colors.
  4. Big Bang

    January 2019 Review Plans

    Wow first time you guys posted the Names of the products.
  5. Big Bang

    Seasonic FOCUS SGX-650 650W by Jonathan Kwan

    Another great Analysis chc. 3rd PSU on the Focus Gold Plus platform?
  6. Looks like Fractal finally put a USB-C connector at the Top lol.
  7. Great review. Is that the Default color? Cooler Master Purple?
  8. Big Bang

    Patriot Viper V765 by Ben Joubert

    Well at least the Switch is unique - Thanks for the Review.
  9. Big Bang

    Laptop & External Graphics Card

    Welcome to APH Networks and glad you found your Solution.
  10. Big Bang

    New laptop recommendations

    Congrats on the new Laptop.
  11. Big Bang

    NZXT H500 by Aaron Lai

    Nice Review - I think its a small Compromise at the bottom of the TG since not everyone needs to see their Power Supply.
  12. Big Bang

    Just bought a 2008 Acura TL

    The view of the Mountains is very nice - you on a Road trip?
  13. Big Bang

    January 2019 Review Plans

    Following Thread.
  14. Happy New Year! I can understand this Slogan.
  15. Big Bang

    NZXT H500 by Aaron Lai

    Love the NZXT H series Cases!