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  1. Big Bang

    D-Link DCS-8010LH by Aaron Lai

    😮 The 3rd photo looks like something from D-Link's Stock photo.
  2. Big Bang

    New logo and other updates

    Are Gina and Alex on Staff now? Nice logo too the Cleaned up design looks nice.
  3. Big Bang

    In Win 305 by Hai Wang

    Nice Review and good to see the Difference between the 2. Didn't remember the Old one had glowing USB ports.
  4. Big Bang

    Kingston UV500 240GB (SATA) by Jonathan Kwan

    Are all 3 Formats supposed to perform the Same or is M2 faster?
  5. Big Bang

    Computex 2018

    Are you planning to get Noctua Products in?
  6. Big Bang

    Qwerkywriter S by Ben Joubert

    Too bad the Keys are close together or I would Buy one.
  7. Big Bang

    June 2018 Review Plans

    Might be flagged for Inappropriate Content on YouTube.
  8. Big Bang

    New Phone - OnePlus 6

    Not Surprised - solid company and great Forums on there that listens to people
  9. Marketing goes a long way.
  10. Big Bang

    Space H Update 2018

    Nice Setup! Classic Desk lamp with a modern touch.
  11. Big Bang

    New Phone - OnePlus 6

    Great shots and very nice Phone. Worth the Price IMO.
  12. Big Bang

    Qwerkywriter S by Ben Joubert

    Never heard of this Company but now I want to Buy one.
  13. For some reason I thought it was Wireless.
  14. Big Bang

    RGB Toilet Mod

    ROFL Only to be Used with NZXT Poo.
  15. Big Bang

    Sennheiser GSP 500 by Aaron Lai

    Interesting Review - it looks like Sennheiser does pretty Average in Audio reviews here at APH.