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  1. Guys ready for the new iPhones?
  2. Is it one of those Upside Down style cases?
  3. 2 reviews in 1 week from you? Nice! The Case looks good too.
  4. Nice Review Aaron - love the Comparisons.
  5. I'm excited for new Philips review.
  6. What happened to the Banana comparisons?
  7. When Gigabyte makes Mouse pads - will you consider this a Hybrid pad then?
  8. Great Publicity for LG fridges even if they weren't Behind it - Not sure why a Fridge needs to be Internet connected though.
  9. Almost Nothing. Nice RAM and the filler DIMMS look Good.
  10. Is the Logo red in the first pic or just a Reflection?
  11. Great Detailed review on a Budget product!
  12. 😋 Well you said all the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB was missing was PBT Keycaps so sounds like that was a $25 Solution.
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