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  1. I was Waiting for the first SSD Review of the year.
  2. That's a great Mount for a great Price too.
  3. If I'm reading this Correctly the "RGB" is Static?
  4. Watched the Video too. I noticed a Bug in Mobile, it seems the video is not Adaptive to the screen.
  5. Looks like a worthy Update if you don't own the Original K95. How old is the annoying friend?
  6. 😝 It looks Strange to see such a Clean car with the surrounding.
  7. It's Strange to me how they decided to do everything to reduce Weight only to add some back. Also great Review.
  8. What Punctuation require Alt codes? One Alternative is use an On Screen Keyboard if that helps but as chc said it looks like no Numpad = No Alt Codes.
  9. Can I predict another year of SSD and Keyboards?
  10. Happy New Year. Wow we've been on APH for a Long time.
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