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  1. Wow WD finally making 14TB drives when Seagate is making 16TB and they still can't beat the Performance.
  2. No flights for a long time! I would know.
  3. Wow this is a very Different case - I thought the top Wood panel was from something else.
  4. Is it a Custom wireless connection? I assume the Lag is OK?
  5. ๐Ÿคจ Guess it wasn't Necessary anyway.
  6. As much as we like to Laugh at Bose they do have the best ANC.
  7. Looks all Plastic - wonder how well the ANC works?
  8. ๐Ÿ˜จ What is the Fractal Design (NDA) product?
  9. What happened to the Controller? Great review though.
  10. The Video quality is pretty Good compared to the other one.
  11. Great Review chc - looks like these are far Superior to the Philips.
  12. Agreed - does it need to reach your PC or just Power?
  13. Nice Review - would be better if they Named it the PS15.
  14. The X8 is Better - willing to put $ on that.
  15. Miss your Reviews - Good stuff. Didn't know you didn't review any Cherry Keyswitches.
  16. The Corsair and Fractal fans look Amazing!
  17. Is the Red the same paint as the White glossy paint? Great Review too.
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