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  1. Haha yup, review is near finished, editing to come shortly. Thank you all for the patience!
  2. Hey hey, been fairly busy lately. Apologies for the late review. Its up now, enjoy: http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/silenx_effizio_efz_80HA3
  3. Dramatic Naive Sweet Elegant... I'm such a female.
  4. Eh, I don't think it really is about the "Kony" ordeal at this point in time or about changing the world. Throughout the past 10 years, Invisible Children has already made a difference in Uganda. Now, they just want to bring Kony to justice. Kony 2012 is just a wrap up of the events in the last decade and they are using Kony's capture (hopefully) as a message to the "world".
  5. Thanks. I'm really proud of my photos for this case I think I finally got the white balance right.
  6. A very small cooler. But I'm in love with it already.
  7. Well, there is something definitely wrong with my unit, that much can be said. I won't know much more until we get a replacement panel in. Also, like what Jonathan states above, we really don't know if there are any differences in the production version, especially since this is an internal build issue. Here are some more photos.
  8. Here is the top bezel. as you can see, all four screw holes have shattered. I only have 2 of the shattered pieces, the rest is either lost or still in the case. Isolated problem on my unit or product wide problem? You decide.
  9. Plastic -- the most brittle material known to man-kind...hahaha. They could of fixed the problem if they just lined the side walls with rubber, foam, or any dampening material which costs probably less than 10 cents. Or just go for a more expensive alternative like use a stronger material for the screw holes like metal or any alloy. I believe every Cosmos II out there will have the same problem sooner or later. If not 1 week like me, maybe 3 months, 6 months, 1 year; eventually it will break. In fact, I went out to the dollar store and bought a dampening rubber material in the crafts section for $1.50, cut it into four short strips, and plan to glue them to the sides myself. I'm thinking that I may need to make a short video on the exterior mechanics of the case in the review. The side panels, front bezel, and top bezel are so one of a kind, its almost impossible to explain in words. It'll also be a good opportunity to cover this problem.
  10. I'll get some pics up on the panel soon. Technically the panel itself is fine (as you can see from the photos). The problem is with the mechanism that holds the panel onto the rail that has shattered. In other words, all four corners, or all four screw holes have shattered; which leads me to believe that its a product wide problem, and not just a problem with my unit. However, I will be getting a new panel in just to make sure.
  11. Haha well its quite a long story. Initially, I wrote the Chaser review with an "I" at first, before we changed it to a "1". And this time, I wrote the Overseer review with a "1" at first, before we changed it to an "I" Yup, I like this case more as well. (Maybe Thermaltake read the previous Chaser review and agreed to not create another "rainbow warrior" -- so to speak )
  12. I am not entirely sure of the status of when this review will be scheduled for since we still are waiting for the replacement cover. Enjoy the appetizer though
  13. Cases, cases, and more cases! Review to follow shortly.
  14. Chrome all the way. Use to use Firefox but switched over to Chrome and haven't looked back. At this point, it's all about what you personally feel most comfortable with.
  15. Yup, gotta agree with all of their responses. My friend recently got a new laptop during boxing day for a great deal at Memory Express. I went over to her house to check it out, saw that it was Acer, and cringed even before I looked at the specs Nuff said.
  16. Review is done! Glad you guys liked the intro haha http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cooler_master_hyper_212_evo
  17. Well, I'm sure if you grab a larger radiator, the temperatures will improve. Just keep in mind you'll have to spend more mooolaa haha
  18. Snow is always fun to drive on. But it can be quite dangerous, especially when you slide out of control. Glad you and your car is alright.
  19. I know eh? leave it to the $60 budget case to get the perfect side panel right ... Unfortunately, no. In fact, that's the only fan filter missing on the entire case which seems a little odd.
  20. Previews for the upcoming case review. Budget case with USB 3.0, and a huge side window
  21. For some odd reason, this preview escaped me. Well here it is, better late then never The review will follow very shortly.
  22. Sure the 7000 series may have the 3DTV feature, but that's not the reason at all why I want one The 7000 series features Samsung's Medi@ 2.0 that adds a huge host of networking features like DLNA and internet. I see the "3D" part as just another 'bonus' -- so to speak.
  23. Yup it came with an USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 internal adapter. Anyways, review is up: http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/lancool_pc_k9
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