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  1. Eh, I don't think it really is about the "Kony" ordeal at this point in time or about changing the world. Throughout the past 10 years, Invisible Children has already made a difference in Uganda. Now, they just want to bring Kony to justice. Kony 2012 is just a wrap up of the events in the last decade and they are using Kony's capture (hopefully) as a message to the "world".

  2. Well, there is something definitely wrong with my unit, that much can be said. I won't know much more until we get a replacement panel in. Also, like what Jonathan states above, we really don't know if there are any differences in the production version, especially since this is an internal build issue. Here are some more photos.



















  3. Screw holes shattered? What did they make it out of?


    Plastic -- the most brittle material known to man-kind...hahaha. They could of fixed the problem if they just lined the side walls with rubber, foam, or any dampening material which costs probably less than 10 cents. Or just go for a more expensive alternative like use a stronger material for the screw holes like metal or any alloy. I believe every Cosmos II out there will have the same problem sooner or later. If not 1 week like me, maybe 3 months, 6 months, 1 year; eventually it will break.


    In fact, I went out to the dollar store and bought a dampening rubber material in the crafts section for $1.50, cut it into four short strips, and plan to glue them to the sides myself.


    I'm thinking that I may need to make a short video on the exterior mechanics of the case in the review. The side panels, front bezel, and top bezel are so one of a kind, its almost impossible to explain in words. It'll also be a good opportunity to cover this problem.

  4. Finally pics :P this is a sexy case, aluminum panel shattered? pics?


    I'll get some pics up on the panel soon. Technically the panel itself is fine (as you can see from the photos). The problem is with the mechanism that holds the panel onto the rail that has shattered. In other words, all four corners, or all four screw holes have shattered; which leads me to believe that its a product wide problem, and not just a problem with my unit. However, I will be getting a new panel in just to make sure.

  5. Haha well its quite a long story. Initially, I wrote the Chaser review with an "I" at first, before we changed it to a "1". And this time, I wrote the Overseer review with a "1" at first, before we changed it to an "I" :wacko:


    I like this Case better than the MK-1.


    Yup, I like this case more as well. (Maybe Thermaltake read the previous Chaser review and agreed to not create another "rainbow warrior" -- so to speak :lol:)

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