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  1. Was the Samsung 7000's series on sale? I want one of those Congrats on the purchase though; I volunteer your house for our next LAN party!
  2. Thanks guys. I'm using a different i5-2500K from the Gigabyte P67 review that Jonathan wrote. However, if you look at the specifications between the two reviews, it's surprisingly almost mirrored (not initially planned). I'm sure the board can easily crack over 4.5GHz on an i7-2600K. As for 2500K, I think 4.5GHz is safe and stable.
  3. Aluminum front bezel and side panels. SECC steel body. Think of LanCool as affordable Lian Li, and the steel body is one of the small cut backs that makes this happen.
  4. A little late. but better than never enjoy:
  5. My first motherboard review! Hopefully at the very least, the pictures are up to APH standards
  6. Yayyyyyyyyy congrats to our Facebook page!
  7. Growth rate is crazy this weekend. American Thanksgiving weekend ftw!
  8. We calculated that if we get an average of 28 likes every day until the end of the contest, we would reach the 1000 like mark. So far for the past 5 days, we have easily got an average of over 50+ likes daily; so if this trend continues, the 1000 like mark will easily be met. Got my fingers crossed
  9. Looks very LAN party friendly with that huge handle. Looks pretty nice
  10. Ya, it is very simple. I kind of like simple . and yes, the USB controller is a monster on this thing Word. That SSD was delicious to work with. In other news, review is up and ready for viewing! Enjoy. http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/silverstone_raven_rvs02
  11. Some previews for the picture popo, hope you like them
  12. It's done! http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/arctic_cooling_arctic_sound_e461_bm
  13. Ya tbh, I wouldn't trust most review sites on reviewing audio. Most of their editors lack audio training... In other news, review is done and is just waiting for final editing. Of course, if you know where to look, you can always sneak a peak
  14. Yup, I know eh? Being a computer enthusiast, I obviously plugged in the M100 to my computer first. And I waited...and waited...and waited...and then I said screw this and took it to the TV where it did the formatting.
  15. That's my plan. Probably end up getting another processor and getting a second desktop up
  16. First motherboard review My palms are sweating already.
  17. LOL most entertaining read ever. Best G Unit review... in the world. Good job!
  18. Well the software is the exact same between the two devices. I personally did not find stability issues, but that is not to say it isn't there. If Devin found stability issues on the M50, I would definitely take his word on it and conclude that the M100 could very well go through the same problems.
  19. Hahahaha good times good times...MOAT!
  20. Review is up http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/uebo_m100 Same kind of problems seen on the M50.
  21. Got them when I purchased the Camera. Probably around $30 CND if I remember correctly
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