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  1. Got to see it in action last night -- I'm jealous. Anyways, it's about time I posted my equipment First up is the Nikon D90 with the regular AF-S 18-55mm VR kit lens. Just recently in my Hong Kong vacation trip, I picked this bad boy up -- no more Nikon noob Canon EOS 60D with 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS UD Standard Zoom Lens. I absolutely adore this camera, now I just need to pick myself up a L series lens with an external flash.
  2. Well, the M100 supports the USB 3.0 interface which isn't seen on many 2.5" HDD media players atm. Also, the M100 has a fast copy feature that allows one to copy all the data from a USB stick into the installed 2.5" hard drive with a touch of a button -- no need to transport the media player to your computer every time you want to add more. Other than that, I do not believe there is much more of a difference between the M100 and M50. Devin will have to fill you in with more details if I missed any.
  3. You should convince your friend to get the R3 Just sayin'; he'll have one of the best ATX chassis on the market, not to mention building a system with the R3 will be that much more fun for you
  4. I think if you saw first hand how we built our systems, you'd be surprised at the little tips and tricks we do just to get as good of a cabling job as possible. It takes practice, but its well worth it!
  5. I'll just post pictures and information of my camera equipment in the proper thread. But yes, I do got a dSLR.
  6. Thanks! I learn something new every day
  7. Thanks for the tips, still learning I'll give it a try!
  8. I actually own the Patriot Box Office. Great media player. Ya the UEBO m50 does seem a little expensive considering it can't double as an enclosure. I guess we'll have to wait for the review
  9. Stylish outside, Genius inside. Here are the previews, enjoy!
  10. Especially the long L series lenses
  11. Hey Hey, greetings and welcome to APH! Our case reviews tend to be fairly popular according to the monthly stats Good to know they're bringing in fellow Calgarians to the forums! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the forums. I am also a Jazz player! I myself am a woodwind specialist (sax, clarinet, flute etc.), percussionist and keyboardist! It's always nice to meet a musician that loves computer hardware
  12. Chrome for me. I switched to Firefox 5 years back. Then when Chrome came out I decided to try it and loved everything about it. Layout was super clean and it stuck with me until now.
  13. Finally got one? Nice! Did you get a reasonable price for it?
  14. Nice! awesome review, fantastic case. Wouldn't be surprised if I decide to pick one up in the near future. Time to go eat some sliced bread
  15. Ya I had to retake the picture to get a clearer view and an overall better balance
  16. It's a nice mouse to look at. And yes it's also a good overall mouse. But is it a gaming mouse? I would have to disagree You'll find out more in the next few days Here are a few more photos:
  17. Unfortunately, I don't have a perfectly black surface
  18. Ya... the theme color for this product is pink. Doesn't matter if you get a pink unit or not, you'll still get a pink box
  19. This mouse was extremely difficult to take WB pictures with. I'll get up a couple more previews soon. Enjoy:
  20. That's what makes it awesome yo!
  21. A very pink surprise! Unfortunately, the unit comes out very white in the pictures; review will be up soon:
  22. Yup, the case is mad. If you buy this case to fit an ATX motherboard form factor or smaller, than you need to get your head checked Although I think I would see more people buying this case to fit radiators instead.
  23. Typing on MX Black is... kinda loud. If you don't usually use a mechanical keyboard, you may need to get use to the tactile feel of the keys. Think of a mechanical keyboard as a modern day type-writer -- very tactile, great response, amazing keystroke durability etc. If you're use to sleek agile keys found on a ThinkPad however, then I personally would not recommend a mechanical keyboard. However, the G-Unit looks like an amazing keyboard; it features everything you would ever need on a keyboard In the end, it's all up to you.
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